About Us

The Spoiled Mama was created in 2007, by Tamara Johnson. During her pregnancy she became increasingly frustrated by the prenatal skincare products available today that often contain harmful chemicals and preservatives. With years of experience working with and helping pregnant, postpartum and breastfeeding women, she was inspired to create products that are not only safer but luxurious and beautifully packaged to help Mamas feel ‘Spoiled’. With this mission in mind, she set to work using her extensive experience, partnering with doctors, moms, and scientists, to develop innovative products for a new kind of Maternity skincare. The Spoiled Mama is now the top maternity skincare line offering Retail and Backbar sizes that can be seen around the globe in select spas, hotels, hospitals and boutiques. Her core principles are still followed and used for everything we create at The Spoiled Mama.

"I created our Philosophy to be Honest, Pure and Simple like each and every one of our products."

"I know that this is a special time in every woman's life and from the moment you knew you were pregnant and becoming a mother, taking care of yourself has never mattered so much.. "

I believe pregnant and new Mamas deserve to be spoiled everyday with not only healthy skincare but products that are beautifully packaged without compromising safety and quality...And most importantly, effective products that are designed for you and safe for the both of you!

I created our entire collection with the belief that: Nothing short of the best is what you expect and nothing short of the best is what we offer.

This is why each product I created has been formulated using superior quality natural, organic ingredients- free from harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances, parabens, and petroleum derivatives. We only purchase organically grown ingredients here in the USA and if we are unable to find the best organics, I guarantee that we support fair trade farmers and purchase only from them. The Spoiled Mama insures that all testing is cruelty free and created under the strictest standards of quality and safety, making them better for you and your family.

I take an uncompromising stand when it comes to the protection and sustainability of our planet. Our website is powered by the wind, meaning we offset 100% of the amount of energy used by the servers and other hardware used to run our website with clean, renewable wind energy. We support the environment by packaging all of our products in recyclable jars and bottles. We also use recycled business cards, printing paper, tissue paper, shipping boxes and employ other shipping modalities to be an earth friendly company. But that is not where it stops. It also takes consumers buying products made from recycled materials for recycling to fulfill its objective and then recycle them again. Please help our efforts and recycle all or our products.

These core principles are what created The Spoiled Mama, an experience that will surely leave you feeling Spoiled!!!
With ingredients and products you can trust.

Our name says it all " The Spoiled Mama.. Spoil The Baby In You!!"