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Most versatile Skincare pregnancy guide 2020

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Bringing a new life in the world is one of the best things that you can do. Pregnancy becomes one of the most important chapters of a woman’s life. One of the biggest things that women are concerned about during their pregnancy is the appearance of stretch marks and other skin disorders.

There are certain kinds of skin changes that women experience after pregnancy. These changes include pigmentation, puffy eyes, stretch marks, bigger feet and many more. Some mothers accept these changes with a smile but for some women, they want to try and prevent it as much as possible. If you are one of these women, you  will be happy to know that proper self-care can help you bring your pre-baby body & skin back in no time. 

These changes continue to grow during the pregnancy time period until delivery, and for some of the mothers, they become emotional during the post partum period.  Using effective postpartum skincare treatments can help. If you are experiencing depression, you will be happy to know that many of these changes to your skin is permanent and with proper care and treatment your body can go back to pre-pregnancy weight and skin.

 In this article, we aim to list all the different kinds of skin concerns that women see after pregnancy and their treatments. 

Different type of post-pregnancy skin problems

Here are some of the most common post-pregnancy skin problems that a woman faces and the treatments for them are also mentioned below. 

  • Stretch marks
  • Stretch marks are one of the most common skin disorders that women get to have after pregnancy. Almost 80 percent of women face these stretch marks on their skin before & after delivery. These marks are usually white, purple, or pink and they are more visible on fair skin tone than dark skin tone. If you developed stretch marks, remember, they don’t go away completely but fade away with time with proper care. 



    Treatment for these stretch marks is very simple. There are different kinds of products available in the market which help women to fade away these stretch marks fast. There are different kinds of Best stretch marks cream for pregnancy and tummy cream for stretch marks that you can use to fade these marks aways fast. 

  •  Dark spots
  • Just like we mentioned earlier that during pregnancy women go through different phases. Continued stress & varied hormones can affect your facial skin. You can develop brownish spots under their eyes, on your face, neck and chest. The first thing to stop these dark spots is to understand that it is your hormones and not wearing a sunscreen can make matters worse. 


    There is a very simple treatment for these dark spots. First, wear an spr 30+ everyday, try to cleanse your face twice a day and apply an effective melasma serum. Still, if you see no improvement try dark spot creams and gold, vitamin C serums to increase the moisture in your facial skin. 

  •  Melasma
  • The appearance of dark spots on your face is known as melasma after pregnancy. This change of skin cell occurs due to hormone changes during pregnancy. After pregnancy, these dark patches become less visible but still are there. 


    If you are going through Malesma than it is better to avoid sun exposure. Try a pregnancy-safe skincare melasma treatment cream that you can buy online to help fade these dark patches caused by pregnancy.

  • Puffy eyes and dark circles
  • This is another result of hormonal change during pregnancy. This condition also develops after pregnancy when you are having sleepless nights, feeding baby, pumping in the night and your usual sleep is disturbed.


    The best way to wave off these dark circles under your eyes is to get proper sleep. Other than that there are many vitamin C creams that you guys can use to remove these dark circles under your eyes or you can use best under-eye patches for dark circles that you can find. 

  •  Skin Acne
  • Skin acne & breakouts are common during & after pregnancy. Having clear skin throughout pregnancy is possible but vary for many woman due to hormonal acne.


    There is much best pregnancy acne treatment available in the market with a natural ingredients. 


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