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Lactation Support Plan (Lime Hydration)

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Why You'll Love It

Our Lactation Support Plan pairs three essential products — Hydration Support, Collagen Protein, and Stress Support (including galactagogues)— to optimally support your breastmilk supply through hydration and electrolyte balance, blood sugar balance and energy needs, and a healthy stress response.

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Why It Kicks Butt
Hydration Support Supplement:  Electrolytes and trace minerals are necessary nutrients for optimal body function. During pregnancy, you lose more electrolytes and trace minerals than at any other time.

Replenishing electrolytes and trace minerals are also needed to support lactation.

Collagen Protein Powder: With our powder formula, you’re getting pure hydrolyzed bovine Collagen, nothing else. Its neutral flavor profile mixes perfectly into food and drink. And it’s in an optimal form for absorption.

Stress Support: Clinical-strength herbal stress support to balance and uplift a woman. For general women's health, including preconception and postpartum.

    Hydration Support Supplement:  Mix 1 serving into 1-2 cups of water, depending on your taste preference.

    We designed our Electrolytes + Trace Minerals to be taken in addition to our Complete Plan (Prenatal Multi, Omega-3, Collagen Protein, and Pre/Probiotic). We suggest taking it at a different time of day than your Prenatal Multi to support absorption. Together, these products optimally nourish mama and baby before, during, and after pregnancy.

    Collagen Protein Powder: Mix one scoop into a single serving of food or drink. We designed our Collagen Protein to be taken along with our Prenatal Multi, Omega-3, and Pre/Probiotic. Together, these products optimally nourish mama and baby before, during, and after pregnancy.

    Stress Support: Take four (4) capsules daily with or without food. The dose may be divided between meals. This product is intended for general women's health, including use before and after pregnancy, but not during pregnancy.

    Pregnancy Safe Ingredients

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    Full Ingredients: