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Breastfeeding Tea - Mama's More Milk Please Tea To Increase Milk Supply
  • Vegan
  • Organic
  • Toxin-free

Mama's More Milk Please Tea to Increase Milk Supply

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Why You'll Love It

Need more milk for your lump of sugar?

Brew a cup of More Milk Please, a tea to increase milk supply using 100% organic herbs. With a blend of proven galactalogues, herbs like fennel seed and fenugreek help ensure your breasts overfloweth within hours of use. Rich in vital nutrients, this powerful tea may help with colicky babies and alleviating digestive complaints in newborns, such as gas and indigestion.

Unlike manufactured tea bags, this tea for breastmilk contains whole, loose leaf herbs that preserve the medicinal properties of each plant. Drink up, so you can pump out!

Size: 8 oz Tea Canister (Net Wt. 4 oz/113g)


Why it kicks butt:

  • made from 100% organic herbs
  • loose leaf tea preserves integrity of each plant
  • made from prized galactalogues throughout history
  • helps with colicky and gassy babies
  • herbs in all our pregnancy teas are selected from the finest harvests of each year, and sifted by hand for quality
  • delicious hot or chilled

        Safe for:

        • BreastfeedingBreastfeeding
        How To Use

        Add teaspoon of tea to every cup of hot water. Allow to steep for 1-2 minutes, depending on how strong you like your tea. For best results, drink 3-4 times a day.


        • Use with tea strainer spoon, if preferred.
        • For a stronger brew, steep longer. Note that a longer steep may result in a mouth-puckering bitter brew (but hey, maybe that’s the way you like it!).
        • For best results, drink 3-4 times a day. Regularity is everything when it comes to breastfeeding care!

        Pregnancy Safe Ingredients

        • fenugreek for increasing milk productionOrganic Fenugreek Seed

          A popular herb used to naturally increase milk production for breastfeeding mothers. Has a natural sweet maple aroma and flavor.

        • fennel for breast milk productionOrganic Fennel Seed

          Common licorice-like herb that stimulates milk production for nursing moms. Passes through breastmilk to help baby's digestion and relieve colic.

        • raspberry leaf tea breastfeedingOrganic Red Raspberry Leaf

          Popular herb used during pregnancy. Helps tone the uterus for childbirth, which assists in preventing hemorrhage and miscarriage, and may lead to an easier birth.

        • natural breast milk increase with blessed thistle Organic Blessed Thistle

          Popularly used in teas, this digestive bitter helps increase breastmilk and support digestion. An herbal remedy since the Middle Ages.

        Full Ingredients:

        Fenugreek Seed*, Fennel Seed, Red Raspberry Leaf*, Blessed Thistle, Orange Peel*, Stinging Nettle Leaf*, Spearmint Leaf*, Caraway Seed*, Alfalfa Leaf*

        *Certified Organic Ingredients


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