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Prenatal Choline

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Optimal Choline add-on to help you meet your daily needs.

95%+ of mamas are not meeting their Choline needs. Choline supports baby’s neural tube formation and cognitive development, as well as mama’s healthy metabolism, blood pressure, breastfeeding ease, and mood, so getting enough is key.

The RDA or daily minimum is 450mg/550mg while pregnant/nursing, and research suggests that upwards of 900mg in pregnancy supports optimal perinatal and infant health outcomes. Most prenatal vitamins contain 1/10th or less of the RDA, as Choline is a bulky nutrient.

Our Choline add-on is dosed at 250mg of Choline L(+) Bitartrate VitaCholine™ per capsule to help you reach optimal levels, on top of the highly supportive dosages in our Prenatal Multi Powder/Capsules (400mg), Prenatal Multi Essentials (150mg) and Prenatal Omega-3+ (100mg).

Fulfilled by our friends at needed.

Why It Kicks Butt
Your Choline supplement needs may vary by day depending on what you eat and what other supplements you take. However, the tolerable upper limit for Choline is set to 3,500mg per day, so taking additional Choline is quite safe, and may further benefit the health of you and your baby.

While some mamas obtain more Choline through dietary sources like eggs and liver, many can benefit from additional supplementation. Reference our dosage chart to find your optimal dosage based on your dietary and supplementation intake.
    Take one capsule up to four times daily with food. For optimal absorption, we suggest taking no more than 500mg of Choline in one serving across all of your products.

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