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Loose Leaf Tea Strainer

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Why You'll Love It

Herbal teas for pregnancy is just one of our favorite, simple luxuries as an expecting mom. (Sure, a cocktail with a cute umbrella would be better, but hey -- we’ll take what we can get.)

Not only relaxing and a great way to relieve stress, pregnancy teas provide a great wealth of vitamins and nutrients that can help relieve morning sickness, prepare the uterus for birth, and even increase breast milk after delivery. With the help of this handy stainless steel tea strainer spoon, you can enjoy all of The Spoiled Mama’s delicious maternity teas even more.

With its perforated head to keep herbs in, while releasing optimum flavor, this is the handiest tool around. Made with a long handle, the strainer fits all standard size mugs without getting lost or accidentally dropping into your tea.

This elegant tea strainer spoon is a stylish and more durable option than a mesh ball and is more eco-friendly than DIY teabags.

    Why It Kicks Butt
    • Features perforated head with long handle
    • Durable stainless steel construction
    • Scissor handles make filling a breeze
    • Essential for any loose leaf tea lover
    • Easy to use & clean
    • Dishwasher safe

        Open tea strainer and fill with The Spoiled Mama’s loose leaf pregnancy tea. Place filled tea strainer in cup of hot water, and brew for 2-3 minutes, or to taste. Remove tea strainer. Close your eyes, sip your tea and imagine it’s a piña colada on a white sand beach.


        • Experiment with serving size of tea leaves and duration of brewing for your optimal tea flavor. Recommended suggestion is one teaspoon per eight ounces of hot water. Some like their tea stronger so see what you like!
        • Include with other skin care accessories to create the perfect pregnancy gift for yourself or a friend.

          Pregnancy Safe Ingredients