Pantone nursery ideas

Panton Nursery Ideas

Prepping the baby nursery for your little one's arrival is probably one of the highlights of pregnancy. But just fifteen minutes scrolling through nursery inspiration on Pinterest can leave a Mama feeling overwhelmed, grouchy and ready for a nap!

Choosing a color palette is one of the first (and probably hardest) decision in planning a baby nursery, so we're turning to Pantone -- arguably the world's most acclaimed group of color experts -- to guide us through nursery-friendly color ideas.

While we're a bit early for their infamous Color of the Year announcement, the color gods have issued a statement for the hit hues of the upcoming year. Let's have a look!

Love this palette, inspired by Pantone's "Past Traces" color collection for 2015.

1) Abstractions

According to Pantone:

"Abstractions releases the inner artist in each of us. Just as in the formulation of abstract art, styling might seem randomly gathered, forming a mosaic of differing shapes, many of them geometric. Colors like grape and apricot, dahlia red, stonewashed blue, hazel nut brown and vineyard green seem to come from equally disparate places, but when brought together create an artistic whole."

baby-nursery-fox-boy-themed pantone-abstractions-2015-colors

2) Past Traces

According to Pantone:

"Past Traces honors history in the home as, for many of us, holding on to some vestige of the past is deeply satisfying and reassuring. The look might range from gently worn to contemporized adaptations, still many of the colors with names like Pastel Parchment, Cameo Green, Faded Denim and Dusty Cedar capture a vintage feel."

3) Spontaneity 

According to Pantone:

"Irrepressible fun is what this palette called Spontaneity delivers. Just as the name implies, it is the stuff that spur of the moment, impulse buying is all about, with whimsical design and a unique “mash-up” of color mixtures a large part of the attraction. Happy hues of Sunkist Coral, Marigold and delicious Cantaloupe are complemented by the exuberance of Kelly Green and/or “quieted down” with floral accents of Hyacinth, Violet Quartz, Winsome Orchid or Misty Jade."


4) Urban Jungle 

According to Pantone:

"An Urban Jungle transforms rustic chaos into something 'civilized' and sylvan, speaking more of big city living than that of a wild terrain. Rather than consistently rough textured, contours are smoother and colors a combination of both typical and atypical jungle hues. Warm animal skin tones are set against the modernity of deep blue-greens, a vibrant greenish yellow, plus black and white."

pantone-2015-urban-jungle-nursery pantone-colors-2015-design-nursery-ideas


5) Botanicum 

According to Pantone:

"Botanicum is a palette lifted directly from the complexities of flora and foliage, forming intriguing groupings filled with succulent shadings of green and grape, and café au lait, most often counter-balanced with dusty or smoky tones of blue and orchid. When used together, a sophisticated, yet inherently natural palette emerges."

baby-nursery-idea-purple-green-olive pantone-botanicum-colors-nursery-2015

6) Tinted Medley

According to Pantone:

"Tinted Medley is truly a harmonious composition of closely related, deliciously warm tones with peach and pink striking the main chord. Bellini, Apricot Wash, Peach Amber and Macadamia are compatible blends while powdered roses and yellows underscore and support the perfect pitch of an ethereal rosy-taupe."

nursery-ideas-decor-color-2015 pantone-colors-2015-tinted-medley-design

7) Zensations

According to Pantone:

"The palette titled Zensations truly engages and heightens the senses as it displays a literal “enlightenment” by taking the thoughtful, meditative qualities of the blue and blue-green family to another more visceral level by adding to the palette a compelling red, an atmospheric green as well as sparkling silver and gold."

pantone-zensations-sea-boy-ocean-nursery-colors   pantone-zensations-colors-for-2015-design


8) Style-Setting

According to Pantone:

"As high fashion is often a forerunner to styling for home furnishings in line, design, texture and color, the taste-making palette called Style-Setting is all about poise, finesse and polish. The elegance of the purple family adds a dramatic interplay against the classic mahoganies, off-whites, grays and taupes, along with subtly shimmering Frosted Almond and Champagne Beige."
pantone-purple-grey-colors-2015-nursery-ideas pantone-colors-for-2015-baby-nursery

Which one is YOUR favorite baby nursery? Share your picks below!

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I love, and have always loved, the Aztec rug in the gold/black nursery. Can you tell me how I’d find out where it came from?

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