Your Best Skin Care During Pregnancy

Safe, effective & toxin-free skincare, Spoiled Mama’s organic pregnancy skincare products were formulated by an RN to offer practical solutions during pregnancy.
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Stretch Marks

Up to 90% of new Mamas can develop stretch marks

Early care is key in preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

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Itchy Belly & Dry Skin

Scratching dry skin during pregnancy increases your chances of stretch marks

Keep your skin hydrated with non-toxic products will help relieve dry skin & itchiness

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Pregnant Swollen Feet

Swollen feet & ankles can be painful for many third trimester moms

Topical leg treatments can bring pregnancy swollen feet relief

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Pregnancy Hormonal Acne

Naughty pregnancy hormones can cause oily skin and acne in all trimesters

In the battle against hormonal acne, choose pregnancy safe acne treatments

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Morning Sickness

3 in 4 women report feeling nauseated during their first trimester

The best morning sickness tea features traditional & organic herbs

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Melasma (Dark Spots)

Dark spots may appear during pregnancy, especially in moms with darker skin

Melasma treatments during pregnancy safely brighten skin

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After Baby Care

New mothers may suffer from vaginal swelling, episiotomy tears & stretch marks

Effective postpartum products help give relief & promote healing

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Breastfeeding pain (cracked bleeding nipples- ouch!) and low milk production are top reasons mama's stop nursing

The best breastfeeding products features 100% organic ingredients for mom & baby

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The Best Skin Care Products for Pregnancy

Safe, non-toxic skincare. Each product was formulated by Tamara (a former NICU RN) to offer practical solutions during pregnancy. From pregnancy stretch marks treatments,  melasma, to morning sickness products, our maternity skincare offers toxin-free solutions to take care of you from your first trimester to your 4th trimester.

The Spoiled Mama offers solutions to conditions you weren’t even expecting, including mask of pregnancy treatments (dark spots known as “melasma”) or an aloe leg gel to treat swollen feet during pregnancy (adios, cankles!).

It’s true what they say: motherhood changes everything. Even before baby arrives, you’re tossed on an exciting (and sometimes scary) rollercoaster as your body welcomes a new arrival. For times when the ride gets a little rough, The Spoiled Mama pregnancy skincare is here to bring you comfort and a little piece of mind. Cause what’s that other thing people say? Oh yeah, Mama knows best.

All of our products are cruelty-free, vegan and made without yucky toxins that may be harmful to you or your bump. With each product backed by science and Mother Nature, The Spoiled Mama is a leading brand of skin care products for pregnancy, trusted by doctors and OBGYNs.