Pregnancy Shopping Checklist by Trimester

Congratulation, gorgeous! You're beaming with new life. With all the celebratory parties and baby name research, we know there's a lot of burning questions a new Mama has. From shopping for car seats, stretchy pants and pregnancy skin care products, we've got your back on what to buy & when.

The following tips are split into your three pregnancy trimesters, because each stage of this journey will bring new surprises for your home, body and skin...this pregnancy shopping checklist will help you decipher what you need even before you need it! For example, everyone knows a good morning sickness tea is a wise necessity during your first trimester, but did you know a leg gel can help with swollen legs and ankles during your latter pregnancy (and even after birth)?

Keep this pregnancy checklist handy for updates and more advice to help you prioritize, organize and prepare for the next exciting chapter in your life!

  • First Trimester Shopping Checklist
  • Second Trimester Shopping Checklist
  • Third Trimester Shopping Checklist


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