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As a Mama, it’s not always easy to navigate through the world of organic pregnancy skin care. Through determination and curiosity (and a few of unicorn tears …) we created a line of 100% non-toxic pregnancy products that will help Mamas around the globe with their pregnancy skincare needs to safe pregnancy teas and more. Finding pregnancy safe skin care becomes more important to mothers across the globe, we are more aware that any lotions or soaps we use during pregnancy may affect the newborns negatively. Fortunately now there’s abundance amount of information available on the internet, we’ve gathered these useful resources for you. Watch this space below, we’ll have more links soon. In the meantime, here are the resources we love.


Wiki.Ezvid is a free-to-use video wiki published in 2011 by the California technology company Ezvid Inc. In this post they voted the Top 8 of tea for morning sickness available in the market. Read More

Pregnancy Skincare 101

Safe skin care during pregnancy

Baby Center is one of my favorite sites for new & expecting Mamas. The guide is pregnancy skin care 101 for any Mama who wants to educate herself. It covers the dangers of retinoids, salicylic acid, soy and more.

Top Tips For Safer Products

Environmental Working Group, a great article for anyone concerns with safe cosmetics, whether you're pregnant or not. The list consists of "yes" & "no" ingredients for haircare products, soaps, teeth etc.

Your guide to safe, non-toxic makeup

LearnVest, includes tips on shopping for "green makeup" and gives examples of companies that are organic, vegan makeup and cruelty free. A must read for anyone who prefers to shop with a cause.

Pregnancy-Proofing Your Beauty Regimen

We practice responsible manufacturing, source ingredients from sustainable farmers, and use recyclable packaging. Even our shipping peanuts are made from biodegradable potato starch, so we can help ensure a brighter future for generations to come.