Pregnancy Melasma Remedies


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The best gift for pregnant women to enjoy. Before the itchiness of a growing belly even begins, make sure she's equipped with a soothing, vegan cream.

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Pregnancy Melasma Remedies

If dark spots are suddenly appearing on your face & body-- blame those mischievous pregnancy hormones. When dark spots appear on your face, it’s called pregnancy Melasma (or mask of pregnancy). We have a safe & natural way to help fade those pregnancy dark spots with an organic pregnancy mask treatment that works naturally to even your skin tone.

Just like hormonal pregnancy acne, “the mask of pregnancy” usually disappears after your baby is born. However, if you don’t want to have your face looking like a Rorschach test, try this melasma (mask of pregnancy) remedies.

First, stay out of the sun, which can exasperate melasma during pregnancy (hyperpigmentation) and make it appear much worse. Always wear a hat or SPF 30+. Second, add lightening & brightening products to your skin regimen. If you’re pregnant or looking for breastfeeding care, choose toxin-free products with safe ingredients for you and your baby. Look for a melasma treatment cream with plant botanicals like kojic acid or licorice extract that safely brighten, and stay away from dangerous skin bleachers like hydroquinone.

While your mask of pregnancy treatment works from the skin in, feed your body with foods rich in folic acid also. Foods like green leafy vegetables, oranges, and whole wheat bread are great choices, as studies have suggested a folate deficiency may lead to melasma during pregnancy (hyperpigmentation) as well.

How do the ingredients in your mask of pregnancy treatment work? 

  • Licorice is a natural anti-inflammatory that has shown significant skin brightening results. This amazing plant inhibits pigmentation, according to the National Center for Biotechnology, and helps protect against harmful UV rays and reduce skin sensitivity.
  • Kojic acid is another natural skin brightener that can be found in mushrooms or as a by-product of rice fermentation. It especially targets melanin caused by UVB radiation.
  • AHAs speed up cell turnover, helping fade dark spots and revealing healthy skin. During pregnancy, choose a melasma cream with fruit-derived AHAs to ensure maximum safety for you and baby.

TIP: Use an SPF, even on cloudy days. Never ever leave the house without SPF! This is the cardinal skin care rule for anyone who wants to brighten melasma with a pregnancy mask treatment, fade stretch marks and prevent premature aging. Choose an SPF 30 or higher, and remember to reapply, reapply, reapply!