Pregnancy Do's and Don'ts by Trimester

Congrats, Mama! If this is your first pregnancy you may have questions, fears and concerns. There are some basic tips that need to be followed for a healthy pregnancy. What's safe to eat during pregnancy? Can I still have sex? How about changing the litter box? Let's dive in...

First Trimester Do's and Don'ts:

✓ Take prenatal vitamins
✓ Stay active
✓ Start using pregnancy safe skincare
✓ Make healthy food choices

✘ Smoke or drink alcohol
✘ Eat foods that could harm you or your baby
✘ Change the Litter Box

Second Trimester Do's and Don'ts:

✓ Keep up with doctor’s appointments
Moisturize your growing belly & bod
✓ Consider pregnancy & parenting classes
✘ Drink too much caffeine
✘ Be afraid to have sex 
✘ Take medication without your doctor’s go-ahead

Third Trimester Do's and Don'ts:

✓ Engage in light exercise
✓ Stock up on baby supplies
✓ Familiarize yourself with signs of labor
✓ Start drinking a labor prep tea
✘ Sacrifice sleep
✘ Try to lose weight
✘ Sleep on your back

Fourth Trimester Do's and Don'ts:

✓ Use nap time to care for yourself
✓ Nourish your body with healthy foods
✓ Consider a parent & baby group
✓ After delivery use a Postpartum Belly Firming Cream or serum
✘ Stress about routines
✘ Suffer in silence if you are struggling
✘ Compare yourself to other moms


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