Second Trimester Checklist

Weeks 14-26

Hurray, you're in your second trimester! Your belly should begin to take shape, molding itself into a nice round baby bump. You're probably eyeing maternity clothes and cute baby outfits, and that's great! This is a fantastic time to begin shopping for your baby while you're still energetic and agile. Here's our handy second trimester shopping list to help you power through this phase.

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Maternity wear
As you keep growing your baby bump, it may be time for legit maternity clothes. Here's your chance to explore the world of maternity wear, which has come a long way from frumpy sweat suits or shapeless dresses. Have fun!

Sleep aids
If you haven't purchased that body pillow, now may be the time. Many women have difficulty getting a full night's rest in their second trimester, which means you may need to call in the big guns. Noise machines, ambient music or earplugs are great ways to catch extra zzz's each night. 

A quality stretch mark lotion or belly oil
Skin care is more important than ever as your body is rapidly stretching. Reduce your chances of getting stretch marks by choosing a safe, toxin-free tummy butter and/or pregnancy oil for daily use. Apply twice a day, or as needed, to make sure you're feeding your skin the necessary ingredients for a healthy glow. 

Register for classes
Childbirth education classes are a great way to prepare yourself for the challenges ahead. No matter what classes you take, make sure to verify your instructor's credentials in advance. Every class is different, and may cover varied topics such as support, comfort, relaxation, positioning for labor and pain meds. Research which class will be most beneficial for you.

Go on a babymoon
Many women go for a "babymoon" vacation in their second trimester. This is a chance to pamper yourself and have a last shindig before your baby comes. Before planning a babymoon, talk to your practitioner, who will give you recommended travel guidelines.