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Breastfeeding Tea to increase breastmilkBreastfeeding Tea | Increase Breast Milk Supply Fast
Loose Leaf Tea StrainerLoose Leaf Tea Strainer, Tea ball strainer
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Fix that Sucker Nipsticknipple butter cap off
The best gift for pregnant women to enjoy. Before the itchiness of a growing belly even begins, make sure she's equipped with a soothing, vegan cream.

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Breastfeeding Essentials

We can help increase breast milk & soothe sore nipples. For times when nursing becomes troublesome or painful, The Spoiled Mama’s  breastfeeding essentials will bring you quick relief and comfort to “Keep Calm, and Milk On.”

New mothers often experience sore nipples due to incorrect breast positioning or suction trauma. A poorly latched baby may cause sore, chapped or even bloody nips to appear. To help relieve your poor suckers, reach for a lanolin-free sore nipple cream made with 100% organic ingredients. Since you’re breastfeeding, anything you put on or in your body may be ingested by your baby. Because of this, make doubly sure you’re choosing breastfeeding skincare, stretch mark solutions and postpartum skincare made with safe and toxin-free ingredients.

Low milk production is another breastfeeding concern many new Mamas deal with. If your breast milk is running on low, don’t give up! We can help you increase breastmilk & soothe sore nipples with proven galactagogues, which are breastfeeding herbs or foods that increase lactation. One effective way to get your milk flowing fast is by sipping on a tea to increase milk supply. When consumed, herbs known to help with breastfeeding like fennel seed and fenugreek can boost lactation within hours. So drink up, help increase breast milk & soothe sore nipples and say hello to milk-buzzed babes!