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Heal your stretch marks -- by color

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Up to 90% of Mamas will get them, and 70% of teenage girls already have them. Just like acne or a bad hair day, stretch marks can happen to the best of us.


While we try our best to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, all hope isn't lost when a stripe or two appears. Here's our guide on how to deal with stretchies according to their color and texture.

Color: Red or purple Texture: Raised


Red or purple stretch marks look alarming; however, this is the perfect time to treat 'em! When your skin has stretched past its capacity, the tissues in the the middle layer (known as the dermis) may break, revealing angry red lines from the blood circulating underneath.

Treatment: Just like an open wound, this is the key time to help heal your stretch marks and minimize their appearance. We recommend applying our Remodel stretch marks removal serum, which contains .5% retinol to safely spot treat your new lines (yes, even when you're pregnant or breastfeeding!).

Use a pea-sized amount over clean skin, and allow it to penetrate for 15 minutes. Follow up with our toxin-free Tummy Butter for stretch marks to add all over moisturization and promote cell regeneration.

To encourage healthy healing from the inside out, gulp eight to ten glasses of water a day and eat a diet high in vitamin C, zinc and protein.

Color: Silver Texture: Flat, shiny


When stretch marks heal over to silver lines, they become scars that become resistant to most creams and lotions (insert sad trombone sound).

Treatment: For ladies who want to fight the good fight, you'll need to arm yourself with some more powerful weapons.

Wait until you're no longer pregnant or breastfeeding, and ask your dermatologist about laser treatments. Prepare yourself for multiple sessions, which involve gently heating the skin to kick start collagen and blend the stretchies into your skin.

Start saving those bucks, too! Laser treatments may run into thousands of dollars, and there's no guarantee of its outcome. If you rather skip the hassle, there's a silver lining to your silver stretchies: even though they never disappear completely, stretch marks can eventually diminish into lighter lines. Young moms are in luck as well, since your skin will likely heal over better.

Did you get stretch marks during pregnancy or after baby? How did you treat them, or make peace with them? Share your stories below!

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