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A Guide For New Mothers: Postpartum Care

A Guide For New Mothers: Postpartum Care
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The days and weeks following the birth of your new baby are an exciting and equally challenging time in any mother’s life. Your body has just gone through a miraculous experience, and now you have a new little life to love and care for! More often than not, moms will put so much focus on caring for their newborn babies, that they let their own physical and mental health take a back seat. 


Mamas know that you have to tend to your own postpartum care if you are going to be able to properly take care of your baby. Neglecting your own needs is never a good idea as a new mother. When you put in the effort to feel your best, your baby notices, and will pick up on your happy and positive energy.


If you are still pregnant and preparing for postpartum, stock up on everything you’ll need for your skin and body ahead of time to make taking care of yourself even easier! For those who are currently practicing postpartum care, or are preparing for postpartum, try incorporating a few new activities into your daily routine to make this period more enjoyable for you and your babe. 


Remove Postpartum Stressors At Home

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Bringing home a newborn baby and caring for them will quickly consume your time and attention. Try to eliminate as many outside stressors as possible so you can spend more time recovering and bonding with your baby. 


During this time, the phrase “it takes a village” will become your reality. In order to reduce stress, you’ll want to accept help from your “village,” whomever that may include. Maybe it means accepting a home-cooked meal from a neighbor, taking up a grandparent’s offer to look after the baby so you can get a little extra sleep, or even using something like a baby supplies delivery service to have all of your little one’s necessities sent right to your home. 


With the help of loved ones and even a little technology, you and your partner won’t have to worry about making a trip to the store to stock up on essentials like diapers, wipes, or formula, especially if you run out at a critical time, like in the middle of the night, or right after a diaper blow-out. 


Taking advantage of any additional help you can receive, especially during the critical days and weeks after bringing your baby home from the hospital, will help you both be the best parents you can be. 


Postpartum Skin Care

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When you finally come home from the hospital after giving birth, you’ll be focused on getting your baby adjusted to their routine, but it’s important to prioritize your own care for recovery as well. 


Your body has created a miracle, and with that, comes some physical changes to your body and skin. Treat yourself to skincare products that will soothe your body and help it recover. Tummy Butter for postpartum stretch marks can help heal your skin and promote a firm and supple tummy postpartum. Keeping the skin moisturized and protected with organic elements ensures that your skin will not only look its best, but feel its best as a result of using products with clean ingredients.


When deciding which products to use on your skin while pregnant and after giving birth, ensure that you use pregnancy skincare that are non-toxic and safe. Products with harsh ingredients should be avoided, and as always, consult with your doctor before introducing any new products into your skin care routine.


Eat A Healthy Postpartum Diet

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Regardless of whether or not you breastfeed your baby, eating a healthy diet will play a large role in your overall health and wellbeing after giving birth. Eating a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will give you the energy you need to keep up with your new little one. 


If you’re unsure of what your postpartum diet should consist of, our lactation diet for breastfeeding should help get your started. When breastfeeding, anything you eat or drink is passed on to your baby. Take care with what you feed your body to ensure that you and your baby are getting all the proper nutrients you both need.

Motherhood is tough, but your baby makes it all worth it. Once your babe is here, focus your energy on enjoying this time and reveling in the joys of motherhood. From there, everything else will fall into place. 

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