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Babywearing Benefits: Seven things you didn't know about babywearing

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Happy International Babywearing Week! From Oct. 5-10, we join the world in celebrating this time-honored tradition and educating new parents on the benefits of baby wearing. Aside from the joy of having a drawer full of fashionable, colorful baby slings, carrying your little one close to you has many practical purposes and healthful benefits. 

Benefits of Babywearing: Featured sling by Wildbird

Babywearing Benefits: Seven things you didn't know about babywearing

1) For new moms, increased physical contact with their infant can raise levels of oxytocin (the happiness hormone) and lower the chances of postpartum depression.

2) There's a baby sling for every parent (and yes, papas can easily wear slings as well). Popular choices include wraps, frame backpacks, slings, meitais and soft structured carriers. Designs and innovations are always being made, so there's a sling for you!

3) Babies who are worn in slings develop faster socially. Their close proximity to human faces can teach your little one facial expressions and cues, verbal words and body language at a quicker rate.

4) For nursing mothers, wearing your baby in a sling can create better breastfeeding care practices. The slings can offer you privacy in public, reduce strain and provide extra support for moms with large breasts and premature babies.

5) Newborns can find the gentle rhythms of the parents' walking, sways and heartbeat very soothing. It's a great way to get your little one to fall asleep, while remaining hands-free.

6) Don't worry about "spoiling" your baby by carrying her. This is a proven myth. Babywearing can bring your child comfort, ease anxiety and reduce crying.

7) How to wear baby safely? Follow the TICKS rule. This breaks down to:
If you're interested in babywearing, check out the beautiful slings & carriers from companies like Wildbird (pictured), Tula and Moby Wrap.

Babywearing Benefits: Seven things you didn't know about babywearing

Are you a babywearer? What are your favorite slings, positions & tips? Share with other moms below!

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