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Guide To The Best Baby Bump Pictures Ever

Guide To The Best Baby Bump Pictures Ever

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Wanna get ideas on how to take the best baby bump pictures, Mama? 

For some, maternity pictures can be one of the most exciting things about being pregnant! You get to get all dolled up and feel like the queen that you are. You have a chance to capture just one of the many moments you get to spend with your little one before they’re even born. But for others..( I know a lot of us can relate on this one) this event can sound awkward or uncomfortable.

You may be asking yourself: Can I do my own pregnancy photography? How should I pose for my maternity pics? Not to fret, Mamas. We’ve got you covered.

And don't forget this is your time to shine! You may want to wear a flower crown on the beach, take pictures with your pregnant bestie, or even do a gender reveal shoot! Whatever it is, make it your own. We made a list of tips & tricks to get your belly camera ready and make this special photo op easy and fun! Can you say lights, camera, Mama?!


 How to style your baby bump pictures (& more!)

Prep Your Belly: 
So you may already know how you want your hair and makeup to look for your maternity photo shoot, but what about your baby belly? Your bump deserves to be prepped and pampered too! We suggest using a gentle exfoliating sugar scrub, Tummy Butter, and Bump Gloss to prep your growing tummy for not only your photoshoot, but throughout your entire pregnancy. This Trio Bundle is the perfect glam squad for you and your bump.


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 It's Your Day:
Are you thinking: What kind of pregnancy pics should I take? Where should I take my maternity pictures? 

Whether you want to feel sexy and pose in boudoir, feel like a mermaid in an underwater maternity shoot  at the beach, or simply go for a photo sesh at home, make it your own! Come up with a theme or aesthetic that fits YOUR personality. This is your bump, Mama, show it off however you want. Here's a list of themes and locations to help give you some inspiration.


  • Boudoir
  • Pregnant Besties  (two bumps are better than one!)
  • At the Beach
  • Milk Bath
  • Dog Maternity Shoot (Hey, we love all things pregnancy related!)
  • At Home
  • Gender Reveal
  • Big Brother or Big Sister
  • Alien Maternity Shoot (for our out of this world Mamas)
  • Boho 

Dress-up Mama:
Choose an outfit that not only fits your theme, but makes you feel mom-azing! Our go to is something feminine and flowy, that shows off your bump nicely. Maybe it's a silk robe or that beautiful dress you’ve been eyeing at the store for months. Choose what makes you feel that you are at the top of the world. Maybe it's that mermaid tale you’ve been holding onto? We’re not here to judge.

ic:Pregnant best friends in their 1st trimester holding ultrasounds in leggings
The Perfect Backdrop:
A perfect backdrop gives life to your images and it can define your genuine visual story. Thinking of taking a best friend maternity shoot? Grab your bestie and head to your favorite doughnut shop. A doughnut wall backdrop can be a fun way to add some personality to your images. Taking pictures with your husband at home? Use a plain bed sheet or quilt as a simple and clean backdrop. Add in some twinkle lights and your stage is set! 

Camera Ready:
Whether you’re taking pictures from home or we sold you on the mermaid theme, it’s all about you Mama. We hope this fun checklist has you feeling camera ready. 

 Remember, relax and have fun. It’s all about the special moments you will get to capture and be able to share with your little one someday. Have more fun pregnancy pic ideas? Tell us in the comments below!

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