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Weird Signs of Pregnancy & Other Symptoms Nobody Tells You About

Weird Signs of Pregnancy & Other Symptoms Nobody Tells You About

Welcome to the first trimester, Mama! When the joy of growing a little one inside of you is flowing through your body, but so are the pregnancy symptoms. Some of them you may have heard of such as morning sickness, swollen feet, and swollen ankles, heartburn during pregnancy, and don’t even get us started on peezing. But what about the weird signs of pregnancy? Like your nipples becoming darker, your belly itching during pregnancy, or other hidden pregnancy signs? Don’t worry, Mama, we've got those covered and so much more!

Weird Signs of Pregnancy & How to Treat Them!

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Let’s get into it, Mama. That’s right, many women experience vaginal swelling while pregnant. As odd as this may seem it is TOTALLY normal. When you are pregnant your blood volume increases. This can cause your lady bits to swell. Just like some may start to notice varicose veins on their legs that while they are pregnant some women develop varicose veins on their vulva as well. If you are starting to feel discomfort from vaginal swelling during pregnancy we recommend first consulting with your doctor to be sure there isn’t an underlying issue. Then if your doctor gives you the ok, we suggest limiting standing for long periods of time and applying an ice pack wrapped in a cloth to the area to help reduce swelling. Need some relief for your swollen feet and ankles as well? Try a pregnancy safe cooling aloe leg gel

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 Did you know that your nipples’ darkening can be one of the first signs of pregnancy? Yep. This can happen as early as a week or two after conception. Pregnancy hormones raging through your body can cause the color in your nipples to become darker. Estrogen and progesterone are the hormones that cause this change in pigmentation. Some women even notice the size of their areola increase. While there is no “treatment” to prevent your nipples from becoming darker or your areola from becoming darker, most women notice that they return back to “normal” after giving birth.  

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Itching During Pregnancy

It all started with baby fever and now you’ve got the itch. All jokes aside… As your baby and your belly begin to grow your skin will begin to stretch. This will cause your skin to become itchy. Loss of moisture in the skin and the breakdown of the elasticity in the skin can be the culprits. To help soothe your itchy belly and help rebuild elasticity it is important to start hydrating and caring for your skin in the first trimester. Implementing a moisture-locking sugar scrub, an organic belly oil, and our coveted Tummy Butter into your regime will do wonders for not only itch relief, but can also prevent stretch marks from forming. Our skin soothing and Stretch Mark Prevention Trio provides itch relief and last hydration through every trimester.

 TIP: Avoid hot baths and showers. This can cause your skin to dry out which will lead to dry itchy skin. Scratching in a NO, NO!!! Scratching can actually tear the dermis, top layer of the skin, and this can lead to stretch marks no matter what amount of weight you gain or how much water you drink.

These are just a few of the weird signs of pregnancy that some women can experience. We hope this list didn’t weird you out too much! After all, there are so many symptoms of pregnancy to look forward to. Like feeling your baby kick for the first time or being able to say “the baby made me eat it!” after snagging an extra donut at breakfast. Remember every Mama and every pregnancy is different. We are just so happy to be on this magically weird journey with you. Psst..Looking for more ways to soothe your itching belly? Check out our How to Treat Itching During Pregnancy blog.

What other weird signs of pregnancy have you experienced, Mama? Let us know in the comments!


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