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Meet Our Team

Tamara J.

CEO/Founder aka “The OG Spoiled Mama”

When she’s not laying traps for unicorns and tickling them furiously for tears, Tamara is making the tough decisions at TSM HQ and looking suspiciously fabulous at 6:30 a.m. As founder/CEO, this proud wife and Mama of two is the pint-sized whirlwind behind everything at The Spoiled Mama. Often found emailing on the treadmill or roasting marshmallows by the campfire, we regularly wonder how she finds enough hours in the day (our most scientific theory? Vampire.)

Eric J.

Chief Operating Officer aka “The WD-40 Man”

Got an emergency? Uh, let’s call Eric. As the COO and everyday handyman, Eric snuffs out daily fires and -- like WD-40 -- ensures everything is running smoothly. When he’s not saving the day or helping us reach for things from the top shelf, Eric can be found crooning smooth R&B to himself, enjoying a glass of wine or playing with his kids.

Monnette L.

Team Leader aka “DOA: Director of Awesomeness”

We love Monnette for her sweet smile and infectious giggles, but don’t let that cotton candy demeanor fool you. Hailing from the 707, Mo knows how to keep it real and isn’t afraid to give you the side-eye if you come around acting funny. At the office, Monnette combines these strengths to uplift office morale and keep daily business on lock.

Victoria N.

Web Content Manager aka “The Word Bird”

She appears to be in deep thought, but Victoria is probably daydreaming about her next meal or wondering when happy hour begins (her internal clock says now). As the resident wordsmith, V spends her days crafting The Spoiled Mama experience for new and loyal customers, and making sure everyone knows the difference between “further” and “farther.”

Tickles the Unicorn

Freelance Tearjerker

Discovered at our warehouse backdoor, this orphaned unicorn seemed to instinctively know we were friends of all things wondrous and whimsical. Even though he wasn’t potty trained, he batted his long lashes once, and we were jelly. Now, Tickles the Unicorn is part of our team, providing magical tears for our Tummy Butter and terrorizing the daily mail carrier.

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