Who's YOUR Mama?

Our story begins in 2006, when registered nurse Tamara Johnson became a first-time Mama. Shocked at the limited pregnancy-safe skincare available, Tamara rolled up her sleeves and took matters in her own hands.

In her San Francisco kitchen, Tamara experimented with a blend of oils that we now call Bump Gloss. Sparking a new fire inside her (or was that pregnancy heartburn?), the new mom launched a new skincare line aimed at educating moms and giving them the pampering they deserve. And thus, The Spoiled Mama was born.

By the enthusiasm of our loyal moms, The Spoiled Mama has blossomed from one mother’s dream to a respected international brand. Based in of San Leandro, Calif., The Spoiled Mama is a fierce advocate for a Mama’s right to be pampered & feel fabulous.