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10 Charming Spring Baby Shower Themes

10 Charming Spring Baby Shower Themes

Spring is here and (hopefully!) gone are the days of heavy winter coats, cold noses, and close-toed shoes! And if you just so happen to be planning a baby shower, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re welcoming a baby girl, baby boy, or opting for a surprise (who doesn’t love a surprise!?), these 10 baby shower themes are sure to be a hit.

Vintage Travel Theme

ic: travel-theme-vintage-baby-shower

If you’re a fan of everything vintage, this spring baby shower theme is for you. With globe accessories and framed decorated maps, it’s the perfect mix of vintage and modern. You can use vintage decor, tons of flowers, a beautiful cake, some pink (but not too much), and lots of lace. You can even swap out the pink for a different color. 

Boho Chic Theme


Who can resist a great boho chic party? You don’t even have to live in the south to appreciate (or throw) a boho party. With details like the vary in color palettes and layouts you can use succulents, bright flowers, and earthy tones - it’s a great option for girls, boys, surprises, birthdays, or any day really...

Gilded and Girly Theme


We’re suckers for a good sparkle - so it’s not surprise we love this gilded and girly theme. Mix gold and glittery accessories with soft, solid colors to keep the baby shower modern and fun. We apologize in advance for all the glitter you will be sweeping off your floor for months to come.

Peter Rabbit Theme


Is there a better way to celebrate spring than with a bunny-themed shower? And who can resist the cuteness that is Peter Rabbit. A great theme for both guys and gals, the cool blues and neutral palette keep it light and refreshing - perfect for spring!

Geometric Theme


An unexpected but fun spring baby shower theme is a geometric inspired party. Using tableware and accessories in non-traditional shapes along with geometric lighting fixtures keep the theme modern and interesting. Plus, you get to keep those cool accessories post-party...

Backyard Theme


When the weather warms up, there’s only one place we want to be - in the backyard (preferably with a cold glass of white wine). What better way to spend time outdoors than by throwing a backyard-themed baby shower? Use earth tones and lots of plants to keep the party modern, unexpected, and fresh.

Pineapple Theme


Pineapple is not only a delicious, interestingly shaped fruit, it makes for a great decoration. A pineapple themed baby shower is perfect for the impending warmer days. Pick up accessories like pineapple printed napkins and straws to add a pop of flavor (pun intended) to your party. Besides, what's better than sipping a pineapple-flavored drink out of a pineapple straw? Or donuts disguised as pineapples!

Aloha Theme


You don't have to live in Hawaii to throw an aloha-themed party - why not bring Hawaii to you? An aloha-themed baby shower is great for pretending you live 10 steps from the beach. The best part? It’s easy to plan. Just grab lots of bright, tropical flowers and accessories in Hawaiian prints and colors. A tiki bar is optional but highly recommended.

Gold & Pink Theme


If there is one thing we love - it’s a pink-themed party. And what better combination than pink and gold? Mix gold confetti and accessories with pink candy and tableware for the perfect mix of classy and feminine. You can even switch out the pink for another color. Because in our books, gold is a neutral. 

Little Man Mustache Theme


The little man mustache theme is so fun. And not only is it a super cute theme (Hello! Little mustaches!), it’s super easy to execute. You can DIY the mustaches if you’re feeling crafty, but if not, your local craft store is bound to have some mustache memorabilia. 

Planning a baby shower doesn’t have to be stressful - well, too stressful. If you’re racking your brain for the perfect theme, try one of these spring-inspired parties. Whether you're feeling extra-crafty or have just enough time to head over to Starbucks and pick up some cake pops - these themes are the perfect solution. 

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What are your favorite spring baby shower themes? Let us know!

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