Six Other Uses for Breast Milk

Six Other Uses for Breast Milk
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Breast milk, according to the American Pregnancy Association, is chalk full of proteins like Secretory IgA that helps protect infants from viruses and bacteria, and carbohydrates like lactose, which helps the absorption of calcium and promotes the growth of healthy bacteria in the stomach.

But you already knew all about breast milk nutrition, you savvy Momma. However, you may be surprised to find out other uses for breast milk.

Six Less-Known Uses for Breast Milk

  1. Insect Bites, Cuts, and Scrapes: Forget the Neosporin. Try rubbing breast milk into insect bites, cuts or scrapes to stop itching and promote a speedier healing process.
  2. Cracked Nipples: For cracked and sore nipples caused by breastfeeding, try applying breast milk around the nipples and letting them air dry. (Of course, you can try Nipstick, our own organic pregnancy skin care's sore nipple cream that helps relieve cracked nipples…and is also safe for baby’s ingestion!)
  3. Pink Eye: Many mothers have claimed that breast milk, which contains antibodies, can help treat infections such as conjunctivitis, more commonly known as Pink Eye. Moms can squirt the milk directly into the infected eyes like eye drops. Moms report that the infection can clear up within two or three days.
  4. Make-up Remover: Try it! Breast milk is effective for cleansing the skin and removing make-up from your face. Simply rub the milk onto your face and then rinse off with warm water.
  5. Diaper Rashes: Rub a few drops of breast milk on to affected bums in place of diaper rash creams. Let air dry before putting a diaper back on.
  6. Burns and Sunburns: The next time you’re out in the sun too long or accidentally bump into the pot of boiling water, try rubbing a little breast milk over the burn and letting it air dry. Mothers have claimed that the milk will help cut the pain almost immediately.

Do you have other uses for breastmilk that we haven’t covered yet? Of course, whatever you choose to do, please don’t be this lady.

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