Pregnancy-safe Nail Polish Colors

Pregnancy-safe Nail Polish Colors for 2018


Even if you consider yourself organic-conscious, it is not until you're pregnant that you develop a hyper-awareness of all the toxins in our environment that could potentially give your baby a third eye or twelve toes.

What Changes?
All the run-of-the-mill stuff, like washing your hair or putting on deodorant, has to be rethought, and suddenly you are spending forty minutes in the beauty aisle studying every ingredient on the body wash. But being preggers doesn't mean relinquishing your right to be cute and fabulous. According to Women's Wear Daily, nail polish is ahead of the beauty trends with sales up by 69% this year. Yahoo reports that both colored lacquer and top/base coat sales were up 65%, which implies ladies are giving themselves complete at-home manicures. The reasoning behind this? A new slap of color and twinkle on your nails is a great -- and more importantly, cheap! -- beauty treat for these trying financial times. You can get on this beauty trend, too, by picking up some pregnancy-safe polishes of your own. The key ingredients we want to avoid are: dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde, and toluene.

Here is a sampling of some brands you can trust: 

 Zoya offers more than 300 pregnancy-safe colors. Try this collection of trios: KISSES PASTEL JELLIES ($30) Just a KISS of sheer, milky color in a super shiny base. Extremely easy to wear, these three NEW pastel cream jellies let you wear pastels in the softest of ways. Made in the Zoya special Jelly formula for smoother, easier application.


The closest thing to a cocktail you'll have at your fingertips for a while. Check out Nailtini's Millionaire ($13). Millionaire spikes a base of rose gold micro-glitter with iridescent gold and teal tinsels for statement-making nails, whether worn alone or as a dazzling special-effect topcoat.

Piggy Paints is a biodegradable polish that is safe for pregnant Moms and children. We like "Mint-To-Be" ($7.99).


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I didnt even know there was such a think as natural nail polish! I am definitely thinking of switching :) thanks!

Fabulously simple ways to make (or fake) your pregnancy glow | The Spoiled Mama Blog

Fabulously simple ways to make (or fake) your pregnancy glow | The Spoiled Mama Blog

[…] drug store. The key ingredients we want to avoid are: dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene. Check out some of our favorite lines here. Now let us know, did we miss anything? What are some of your favorite tricks to enhancing your […]



I’m glad you found this helpful, Meagan! Let us know if there are any brands you particularly like — there are such great colors available!

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