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Maternity Hospital Gown Fashion + Giveaway

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Nothing makes a woman feel more connected to Mother Earth than growing a life inside of her. However, as you watch that equator expand to seemingly impossible proportions, it can be hard for women (especially first-time Moms) to maintain a sense of self.

And as your due date approaches and then sometimes pass...FUGGEDABOUTIT it! It's the sweaty, swollen and uncomfortable reality that people don't like to talk about because when it comes down to it giving birth is just not the most glamorous affair. Well. Until now.

Let's take a minute to Google "maternity hospital gown" or "cute maternity gown." Did you know this was even a thing?!

As an RN, I know first hand how uninspiring hospital gear is. That's why I think designer delivery gowns should be on every Spoiled Mama's wish list! It's such a simple way for an expecting mom to feel cute and confident on a day that should be special and beautiful.

How ADORABLE does this glowing Mama look on D-day? She's sporting a Hip & Trendy Maternity Hospital Gown from London Grace Designs. (Win a credit towards your own gown below!)
Delivery gowns come in all sorts of adorable patterns, colors, and necklines to let Mamas express their individuality and style. There's a huge selection of maternity hospital gowns to choose from, but one of our favorite designers is Etsy's Silk and More.
Founded by a mom of three, designer Lindsay Christine helps Mamas (like the one above) feel beautiful on their big day. Her gowns feature bold prints and are designed to be cute, yet practical.

Each dress has:
  • multiple ties and snaps for ultimate privacy.
  • attachable shoulder seams for easy access to IVs and breastfeeding.
  • ties through the back so Mamas can adjust to fit and comfort.
You can wear your gown for any hospital visit during your pregnancy, through your delivery or even postpartum stays. They make a great gifts for yourself, or a thoughtful baby shower present to your bestie!


We know all you Spoiled Mamas want one of your own, so we are SO excited to announce Lindsay has generously offered a $40 credit towards any of her trendy maternity hospital gowns!
Lindsay on how she came up with London Grace Designs:

"I wanted to be super cute on my delivery day, so I made myself an ultra fab maternity hospital gown. All I can say is...LOVED it! Not only was it a total hit among the staff at the hospital, but I felt comfortable, secure, and SO CUTE!"

There are many ways to win, Mamas, so be sure to load up on those entries! But if you absolutely CAN’T wait, head on over to London Grace Designs and take advantage of the EXCLUSIVE discount code for Spoiled Mamas only. Enter code SPOILEDMAMA at checkout for a 10% saving on your London Grace Designs purchase! 

Lindsay rarely offers sale discounts, so make sure you take advantage of the savings!

Fine print: Contest is open to international Mamas; however, winner is subject to pay any extra charges over the awarded credit. Winner will have one month to redeem prize. Contest runs through Friday, October 5, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. EST, and winner will be announced on the blog and be contacted via email.

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