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(Pictured: a vintage design harmony ball from Etsy store Elcharms.)

When I was around five years old, someone gifted me a beautiful little silver charm. It was round, smooth and about 1" in diameter. But here's what made it so special: whenever I'd move, the ball would release a soft, melodic jingle. I spent hours just shaking this little charm up against my ear, and pretended that little faeries inside were murmuring their secrets to me.

I discovered a couple months ago that this charm actually has a name, and a rich history behind it. The Mexican Bola ball, otherwise known as a Harmony necklace, is a musical chime necklace first worn by pregnant women in Mexico and Bali.

The pendant is usually made from sterling silver and contains a small bell-like item that emits a subtle chime when rustled -- very close to a tinkering wind chime. Moms who wear bola balls believe the chime has a calming effect on their babies during pregnancy and after birth.

The charm is often hung on long necklaces so the harmony ball is close to the belly, and can be worn around 16-20 weeks into pregnancy when the baby begins to hear sounds. It's believed the soothing jingle will become familiar to the babies and may comfort, reassure and relax them while in the womb and after they're born.

Many Mamas choose to shorten the chain of their bola ball after pregnancy so their babes can play with it while breastfeeding. In some instances, the pregnancy harmony ball is passed from mother to daughter.

I just LOVE the story behind bola ball jewelry, and it's popularity continues to grow. While my pendant was a solid silver ball, there are hundreds of different styles to choose really makes for the *perfect* gift for expectant Mamas!


The Spoiled Mama is SO thrilled to offer one lucky Mama her own beautiful bola ball necklace! Isobella Dominquez, the owner of Etsy store Elcharms, is offering one of her beautiful bola balls from her gorgeous selection of jewelry for Moms:

From Isobella: I bought a bola necklace for my daughters first pregnancy and she absolutely loved it because she found it quite unusual and loved the story behind the bola. I believe it worked also, because my grandson was a very chilled out baby! 

There are many ways to win, Mamas, so be sure to load up on those entries! 

But if you absolutely CAN'T wait, head on over to Elcharms and take advantage of the Summer Sale where everything is 15% off with discount code: SUMMER15.

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The contest is open to Mamas in the UK and contiguous United States! Contest runs through Friday, September 7, 2012 at 12:01 a.m. EDT. Winner will be announced on the blog the same day.

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