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Boy Baby Shower Ideas + Giveaway Winner!

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A couple weeks ago I shared some of my favorite baby shower party ideas for baby girls. But here's the real toughie: what kind of themes or treats for a Mama who's expecting a boy? Off the bat, it may seem hard to make "boy things" cute, but all it takes is a little creativity!

Before we delve in, it's time to announce the WINNER of our Cards Etcetera Giveaway! I've been a fan of Cards Etcetera ever since we published our post on creative pregnancy announcements, and we joined forces with the Etsy store to give one lucky Spoiled Mama a chance to win her own custom card.

I am happy to say our winner is: NORYS! (Check back soon because I have another giveaway coming up that I KNOW all our Mamas are dying to have!)

But until then, let's take a look at some awesome baby boy shower ideas.

A MUSTACHIOED BASH LOVE this unique baby shower idea for boys! The Adventures of Hollywood Blog helped host this super fun party that was themed "Baby Bell's Mustache Baby Bash."

It included mustache props for guests to wear, cards with cutout mustaches that read "I mustache ask you for new mommy advice!", and an empty frame (above) that served as an instant photo booth. GENIUS!


One easy way to throw together a party is by establishing a color scheme. Choose one main color, and up to two other accent colors to keep things lively and eye popping! Jazz up a baby blue with yellow, green, brown or orange, for instance. Once you choose your colors, make sure to incorporate them in your food and drink choices, cards and favors. For instance, check out this nautical themed baby boy shower from blogger April Rosenthal.


Just because little boys are made of "snips and snails/and puppy dog tails", doesn't mean these things can't be ADORABLE! Lovely Like You shows us how with some images from her son's 1st birthday party.

 Also check out these fun puppy cupcakes from Martha Stewart or these doggy cupcakes if your frosting skills are good. Find some cute snail figures from your local garden supply store and put them around your buffet table -- so simple! I could see this being a great outdoor brunch party.


If you're a DIYer at heart (even if you just like to look!), and have NOT joined Pinterest, you need to create an account RIGHT NOW.

There are so many wonderful pictures, tutorials and ideas to help you create the most awesome baby boy shower ever! Check out The Spoiled Mama's "Announcements, Showers & More" board to keep updated on our most recent finds.

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