Morning sickness tea & natural morning sickness cures

Morning tea & natural morning sickness cures

The Spoiled Mama's Happy Mornings morning sickness tea features organic ingredients that help cure morning sickness, including ginger root, spearmint leaf, red raspberry leaf, orange peel and more -- yum, yum! 

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While there are plenty of surprising things about pregnancy, one thing every new Mama knows she can expect is morning sickness. Some lucky ducks don't experience nausea at all, but for the 75-percent of women who do, we've got some natural solutions to help cure morning sickness!

But first off, what is morning sickness? Most women begin feeling ill during their first trimester, and the levels of nausea will strike each woman differently. Despite what it's popularly called, "morning sickness" can occur at any time of day -- and sometimes last all day. For those experiencing illness, it is normal to feel queasy and spontaneously run to worship the porcelain throne. Smells from certain foods or perfumes -- even scents you normally love! -- can trigger nausea. Usually, symptoms begin at four to six weeks of pregnancy and gradually gets worse for the next month. However, by week 14, about half of women report nausea subsides. While no one is sure what causes the condition, there are ways to help alleviate nausea and vomiting caused by pregnancy.

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How do I feel better? There isn't hard research to back these suggestions, but obstetricians and generations of wisdom from midwives can't lead you astray. Check out these tips and experiment to find what will work for you.

  • DO eat small meals and snacks throughout the day -- but make sure you eat slowly.
  • DO know what triggers your nausea. Is it your partner's cologne? Is it the smell of bananas? Whatever it is, try to avoid these aromas.
  • DO try adding lemon in your water or freezing Gatorade cubes in the fridge to suck on when you can't stomach plain ole' water.
  • DON'T eat foods that are heavily spiced, fried or acidic, as they can upset your digestive system.
  • DO try toast, crackers and other plain foods to see if they make you feel better.
  • DO keep little hard candies in hand. Some women have said the little sugar rush helps deter nausea. Try peppermint or fruit-flavored candy (we like Preggie Pops!)

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If you enjoy tea, try The Spoiled Mama's Happy Mornings Morning Sickness Tea. It features herbs that help alleviate nausea, like organic ginger, spearmint, and peppermint. We chose whole loose-leaf tea because it has more medicinal properties that manufactured tea bags. We recommend brewing up a cup when you're feeling queasy, and adjusting the steeping time to control how strong you like the taste. The longer the tea sits, the stronger (and more bitter) it will become. For a cool treat, try brewing a pitcher for the fridge for medicinal iced tea whenever you want it!

Let us know, Mamas, have you tried any of these morning sickness cures? What's worked for you?

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