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Your guide to pregnancy safe cosmetics & personal care products

Your guide to pregnancy safe cosmetics & personal care products


When you first become pregnant, the list of what to do and what to not do seems unbearably long. You have to change your diet, use different cleaning products, sleep a certain way, and yes -- even switch around your skin care regimen!

And just when you feel safe, it seems like new info emerges everyday. For instance, a recent report found that 98 shampoos and soaps distributed nationwide are found to have a known cancer-causing chemical called cocamide DEA -- eek!

Popularly used as a thickener and foaming agent in beauty products, the chemical has been outlawed in California and suspected to be especially harmful to pregnant women.

Studies have suggested that cocamide DEA can lead to miscarriages and even affect your fetus' cell development. With the daunting amount of info out there, we wanted to share some pregnancy-safe skin care and beauty articles that have been especially helpful. Read on, Mamas!

1) "Safe skin care during pregnancy" from BabyCenter: BabyCenter is one of my favorite sites for new and expecting Mamas. This comprehensive guide is pregnancy skin care 101 for any Mama who wants to educate herself on the basics. It covers the dangers of retinoids, salicylic acid, soy and more.

2) "Top tips for safer products" from the Environmental Working Group: This is a great article for anyone who is concerned with toxins in cosmetics, whether you're pregnant or not. The list consists of "yes" and "no" ingredients for haircare products, soaps, teeth and more. They even have a helpful printable wallet guide to bring along while you shop!

3) "Your guide to safe, non-toxic makeup" from LearnVest: Includes tips on shopping for "green makeup" and gives examples of companies that are organic, vegan and cruelty free.

4) "Pregnancy-proofing your beauty regimen" from WebMD: An informative article that tackles questions about teeth whitening, hair spray, nail polish, Botox and even lipstick. As always, if you're interested in trying a new beauty product while pregnant or breastfeeding, I recommend Mamas print a list of the product's ingredients and consult a medical professional.

Have any tips or must-read articles on pregnancy skin care? Share them with us below!

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CHEMICAL SPILL: DEA and NDEA in your Skin Care RegimenThe Healthy Homosapien

CHEMICAL SPILL: DEA and NDEA in your Skin Care RegimenThe Healthy Homosapien

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