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Sugar Stretch Mark Scrub: stretch mark prevention and keep that glow

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For most busy Mamas, it's hard to keep a tight facial skincare regimen (you want me to cleanse, tone and moisturize?!), and even harder to take care of the rest of your body's skin.

But here's my little secret to getting that soft baby feel: sugar scrubs! This season we debuted INDULGE, our latest sugar stretch mark scrub that actually helps with stretch mark prevention.

stretch mark scrub, natural body scrub, best pregnancy stretch mark prevention | pregnancy skin care


Though I recommend you exfoliate every day, even using a natural body scrub once a week sloughs away all your dead skin and leaves it feeling fresh, renewed and supple.

According to the HuffPost, there are three major benefits of sugar scrubs:

1) Since sugar is a natural humectant, it draws moisture from the environment into the skin. So when you use a sugar scrub, it actually helps hydrate your skin and therefore reduces the chances of getting stretch marks from pregnancy!
2) Sugar is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that breaks down the binding of skin cells and encourages new cell turnover. Simply put, that means your skin will look fresher and younger. AHAs are commonly used for sun-damaged or aging skin.
3) When it comes to sugar vs salt, sugar scrubs easily win. Salt granules are harsher than sugar, and can cause microscopic tears in the skin. Salt, unlike sugar with its humectant properties, can also strip skin of its natural oils.

While there is an incredible amount of sugar scrubs on the market, we've made ours just to cater to a Mama's pregnant body. Our scrubs come with a special blend of vitamin-packed oils packed with essential fatty acids. Since pregnancy can cause a lot of stress on your skin, it's important to introduce keep your body and skin as hydrated as possible to reduce the appearance stretch marks.

stretch mark scrub, natural body scrub, best pregnancy stretch mark prevention | The Spoiled Mama pregnancy skin care

The new INDULGE Peppermint & Vanilla Body Polish has a yummy vanilla and peppermint scent that releases as the oils melt upon your body. It features moisturizing shea butter mixed with pumpkin seed oil, noni, apricot oil, and organic sugar.

After washing off the sugar scrub, the remaining layer of oil on your face or body will be absorbed by your skin and make it oh so very soft!

For maximum stretch mark prevention, I recommend following up with our Bump Gloss pregnancy stretch mark oil and Tummy Butter for stretch marks removal. And best of all, SAVE MORE by buying Indulge natural body scrub in a bundle for the best pregnancy stretch mark prevention!

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