Gender neutral baby shower ideas

Gender neutral baby shower ideas

As much as I like surprises, I must admit the "control all aspects of all things" side of me dictates most things I do. So I admire Mamas and Papas who choose to not learn the sex of their baby until the timer goes off, though I know I couldn't do it.

We've covered baby shower ideas for boys and girls, but I think it's time we cover gender neutral baby showers also! For one, there is a large segment of parents who choose not to know the sex of their baby, but in general -- the pink and blue baby showers seem outdated.

So we scoured the net, and here is our list of favorite gender neutral baby shower themes!

1) "About to Pop" popsicle theme: This theme is perfect year-round, but especially appropriate for spring and summer parties. we love the vibrant colors that indicate celebration, happiness, and joy.

As an added plus, many of these ideas are D.I.Y. for the crafty Mamas among us!

diy-popsicle-party-favors photo 2 (1) photo 3 (1)

2) "Pea in a Pod" theme: This pleasing gender neutral baby shower plays off the classic "pea in a pod" saying. We love the soothing and pretty shades of green, which can go perfectly for any sex.

Pair with white accents for a clean look, or a chocolate brown for a more sophisticated feel.

IMG_7403_thumb[7] Capture    

3) "You are my sunshine" theme: Yellow is a popular color for gender neutral baby gifts and decor, but it can easily look dated.

That's why I LOVE this next theme, which accents a happy yellow with modern slate grey accents. It's cool, it's sophisticated -- and it doesn't matter what sex your babe is. The mix of girly floral patterns with bold chevron prints make it particularly special!

1   21   Capture  

So let us know Mamas, which baby shower theme is your fave? What other gender-neutral themes capture your imagination?

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