Halloween costumes for pregnant moms, babies & the whole gang

Halloween costumes for pregnant moms, babies & the whole gang

Happy October, Mamas! In just a few weeks Halloween will be upon us, and it will be time to stuff our bellies with candy and get our spook on.

For parents who are procrastinating or need a little inspiration, we're sharing some of our favorite Halloween costumes for pregnant moms, babies and the whole gang -- all ranging from little effort to "a whole lotta" effort.

For my gang of four, we'll be doing a family theme of characters from "Monsters, Inc." this year. My littlest one looks like Boo (they've got the same big peepers!), the hubby will be Sully and our son will be Mike. I still don't know who I'll be, but if you have any ideas, please leave your suggestions in the comments below!

Halloween costumes for pregnant moms

Halloween can be a tricky holiday for pregnant moms (when was the last time you saw a knocked up Wonder Woman?), but many Mamas have found great ways to utilize their bellies as part of their costume. Here are my favorite creative Halloween ideas for pregnant women: 1) Watch out for the BUMP ahead -- your bump, of course!


2) Michael Cera and Ellen Page, the two adorable leads from the hilarious 2007 film "Juno." Plus, you get to be super comfy in a sweater and sneakers -- I'm down with that!


 3) Pregnant 50s housewife and the milk man -- this one is my fave!


Creative Halloween costumes for babies and kids

Even though Halloween is fun for adults, it's still really all about the kids. Here are some Halloween costume ideas for babies and kids that have me tickled. 1) Pick a character from your child's favorite book or movie. I love this Max costume from "Where the Wild Things Are" -- not only is it a doable DIY project, it'll keep your little one warm and cozy all night!


2) A burrito with a side of CUTE! This is a great Halloween costume for babies who just want to be swaddled and coo. You can make your own interpretation with basic sewing (or hot glue gunning) skills, or pick up a burrito blankie ($50) on Etsy.


3) Little ones like to follow Mommy and Daddy's lead, especially if they're shy. Help them feel comfortable and confident by pairing up for a team costume like this duo:


Group Halloween costumes for the family

Group Halloween costumes that follow one theme are so much fun...if everyone can agree!  Check out these cool group costumes that bring everyone in on the fun. 1) Costumes that emphasize individual parts to create a whole picture are so darn clever. Here is one of my favorites: a delish BLT sandwich! halloween-costume-family-parents-kids-ideas

2) Characters from a movie, like this Willy Wonka crew. Have pets? Get them in the mix, too! ideas-family-halloween-costumes-dog

3) Too busy to get dressed up with your large family? Let the kids do the trick or treating, and you can kick back with the candy. Here's a theme that both boys and girls can get on board with: Mario! halloween-costumes-kids-group-mario-princess

What will YOUR family do this year for Halloween? Got any fun costume tips? Let us know in the comments section!

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