Last-minute Valentines to say "I love you" -- or something

Last-minute Valentines to say "I love you" - or something

Whether you're a single Mama, happily married or somewhere in between -- Valentine's Day can bring up all sorts of weird feelings and pressure. After years of V-Day let-downs, I've found the best way to survive Cupid madness is taking a lighthearted approach and  laughing through the silliness of it all -- literally!

Here are some awesome Valentine's Day sentiments for the modern day Mama and all her girlfriends. First, some of my favorites from thepregnantchicken:





From Etsy's adelynSTONE:


From Etsy's SillyReggie:



For the Groupon lovers:



To your Mother, whom you need to call:


Happy Valentine's Day, Mamas!


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