Pregnancy dates before baby comes

Pregnancy dates before baby comes

Once you find out you're preggers, life can quickly spiral into a baby black hole. While planning for your baby's arrival is certainly exciting, it's just as important to set time aside for yourself, your partner and your pals before the little one arrives!

Here are some fun date ideas to check off before delivery day:


QT with your besties. You can do any of the following activities by yourself or with your partner, but don't forget your best buds too! Once the baby arrives, it will be that much harder to get away for a girls' night or bonding time.


Cook together. Even if you're not a great cook, everyone loves to eat. Cooking with your partner can be a fun, experimental activity that promotes creativity and cooperation. If you need some direction, check out a cool local cooking class or browse yummy recipe sites for inspiration. See a live show (comedy, theater or music). Take your mind off baby shower planning and baby names for an evening, and indulge in some laughs, music, and culture. Even if it's amateur night at the local comedy club, it'll be a good opportunity to just focus on yourself.


Go to a sports game. Head out with your sweetie to root for your fave sports team. Bonus points if you paint your belly. Try a new restaurant. Go and splurge on some delicious food, Mama. Children are notoriously picky eaters, so this may be one of your last chances to head out on a super adult, spendy date. Live it up!


Go to the movies.  The reality is you'll mostly be limited to Disney and Pixar movies for the next 13 years, so why not go on a good ole' date at the movies? Extra large popcorn, please. Sensual at-home spa. Before full-fledge parenthood hits both of you, why not enjoy some personal alone time together? Bust open your Bump Gloss (it's not just a stretch mark oil, Mamas!) and take turns giving each other fun and relaxing rubdowns. If your edema is kicking up, use the Aloe Leg Gel with its refreshing cucumber scent to help relieve swollen legs and ankles.


Museum date. Looking for a fun daytime activity? Head to your local museum for some quiet reflection time. This is awesome to do by yourself, with a buddy or your partner. Take a road trip (and go off the grid, if you can). There's nothing more freeing than hitting that dusty road for an adventurous road trip. Whether you're visiting old friends or exploring a new locale, it's all about the journey! Mini-golf or day at the arcade. There's probably nothing more charming than mini-golfing with your sweetie or playing Whack-a-Mole with your best buds. Take a breather and enjoy this old-fashioned date.

What's on your list of favorite pregnancy dates? Share below!


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