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Spoiled Mama's Best Gifts for a New Mom

Spoiled Mama's Best Gifts for a New Mom
The Spoiled Mama Gifts for a New Mom

Congratulations, Mama! D-day came and passed, and you rocked it -- just like we knew you would!

Here comes the next exciting part of motherhood, and The Spoiled Mama is here to help you through the first stages. Many of our Mamas are introduced to our maternity skin care line when they first begin expecting, but we've got your back even after the first nine months.


If you want gift ideas for a new mom, or searching for the next round of Spoiled Mama products to try, here are some of our best-selling postpartum products and breastfeeding solutions!


Tummy Butter: Our pregnancy stretch mark cream helps prevent those pesky silver lines from appearing, but also does wonders post-pregnancy. The cocoa butter, enriched with restorative vitamins and oils like tamanu, can help reduce the appearance of new stretch marks that are still raised and pink or purple in color. As an added bonus, it helps heal C-section scars, too!


Fix that Sucker Nipstick: The Spoiled Mama's. Our nipple butter is the perfect salve to help heal sore, cracked nipples that often occur while breastfeeding.


The nipple cream base is made with cocoa & shea butters, then infused with healing calendula and plantain. And yes, our 100% organic formula is even safe for baby to ingest! Additionally, its push tube design makes it easy for Mama to apply and helps keep everything germ-free for baby.


Spoiled Mama's Breast Milk Boost Lactation Tea: This yummy breastfeeding tea helps increase Mama's breast milk supply naturally. The powerful cocktail features 100% organic ingredients chock full of nutrients that help stimulate blood flow to mammary glands.


Increased milk flow will help soothe digestive unease in Mama and baby, including gas, indigestion, and colic.


The Spoiled Mama gift certificate: If you're searching for gifts to spoil a new Mama, our gift certificates make a great (and safe!) present. With gift values starting at $25, any new mom will love the opportunity to pamper herself!


The Spoiled Mama Gifts for a New Mom by thespoiledmama featuring beauty products 

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