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Marsala Nursery: Pantone Color of the Year

Marsala Nursery: Pantone Color of the Year
Happy almost 2015! A few weeks ago we discussed hot nursery trends for this year  and judging from the overwhelming reader response, I know you're excited as I am to learn Pantone's official color of the year!
Ready Mamas? Here it is! Marsala.
According to the color experts at Pantone, marsala "enriches our minds, bodies and souls" with its naturally robust and earthy wine red. Leatrice Eiseman, the executive director at Pantone said:

"Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us into its embracing warmth."

You're bound to see marsala in the coming year's fashion, accessories, and makeup trends! Wouldn't this be the best lipstick color? Some parents might have trouble incorporating this sophisticated hue in the nursery or child's room. But not to worry, Mama. Here are some ideas on how to add this elegant color to your little one's space!

pantone past-colors-of-the-year
Like our marsala nursery picks? Scroll down to see where they came from!

Colors to pair with marsala:

At first glance, marsala can appear too "serious" or “harsh” for nurseries and children's rooms, which are traditionally soft pastels and happy spring colors. However, a rich shade like marsala can instantly create a cozy feel for your child's nest.

Pairing marsala with earthy neutrals or vibrant blues can change how the hue reads in a space. For example:


One of the great things about marsala is its versatility. Depending on how you style it, the berry shade works wonderfully for a little girl's or baby boy's room.

Using marsala as an accent:

The easiest way to update your nursery is with key accent pieces. If you don't want to commit with paint, sneak in hints of marsala with accessories.


As seen in the above image, its rich color appears even more lush on patterned textures. That's why I love the idea of a plush marsala baby blanket or bedding set with a marsala chevron print. I also adore how it pairs with a rich royal blue -- perfect for a modern baby boy nursery!

If you're a DIYer, consider slapping on a fresh coat of marsala (Pantone 18-1438) on an old dresser or mirror. If you're even more ambitious, reupholster your comfy nursing chair with a lush marsala fabric.

So tell us, Mamas: what do you think of marsala as the 2015 color of the year? Will you change your baby nursery to this warm wine hue? Tell us below!

 Red shade

Surya blanket

Wall mirror

PANTONE SMART 18-1438X Color Swatch Card, Marsala

Lux Rabbit Baby Blanket

Pier 1 Imports Bailey the Plush Dog

Birdie Bunny Softie

Upholstered chair

Skip Hop tote bag

Round accent table

Gym Red/White-Black

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