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4 Pregnancy skin tips to keep you cool this summer

4 Pregnancy skin tips to keep you cool this summer

As warmer weather rolls around, many pregnancy symptoms begin hitting expecting Mamas particularly hard. That's why we recommend that moms (expecting or not!) reevaluate their organic pregnancy skin care routine with changes in weather or seasons.

Here are some of our favorite tips on switching up your routine & keeping that pregnancy glow.

Summer Skin Care Tips for Pregnancy  

Use a stretch mark oil: While I love a good belly butter, it's luxe cocoa butter formula can be too thick on a hot and humid day. That's why I reach for a stretch mark oil in warmer weather. It will still provide the necessary hydration to help prevent stretch marks, but will be absorbed much faster.

Sip on hot tea: This may sound counter intuitive, but drinking hot tea in warm weather actually helps cool down your body! The tea raises your body temperature, making you perspire and naturally cooling you off. But of course, we agree there's nothing like a nice iced tea. 

Depending on your need, try our morning sickness tea, breastfeeding tea or third trimester pregnancy tea hot or cold -- they're delish either way!

Use a facial spray: When traveling to humid places, I make sure my facial spray is never too far away! I love our organic facial toner, which instantly cools the face with cucumber and aloe. Bonus: it actually helps set make-up, which has a tendency to run in warm weather. Also try Evian's Mineral Water Facial Spray.

Treat your feet: Swollen cankles and sore feet can really weigh a pregnant Mama down. Keep your feet elevated when possible, and pop our Happy Legs for swollen legs during pregnancy in the fridge for a refreshing treat. Your feet will thank you!

How do YOU keep cool during the summer? Share your beauty tips below! 

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