Toner for Pregnancy Acne

Toner for Pregnancy Acne


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acne treatment toner pregnancy safe  | The Spoiled Mamapregnancy acne treatment
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The best gift for pregnant women to enjoy. Before the itchiness of a growing belly even begins, make sure she's equipped with a soothing, vegan cream.

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Toner for Pregnancy Acne

Problematic skin? Pregnancy Acne? Missing that mysterious "pregnancy glow" everyone keeps talking about? Well, bring that glow on! An alcohol-free pregnancy toner will change your skincare game forever - just watch. Toners are usually deemed as an unnecessary or “optional” part of your routine, which is a low down dirty shame. 

For expectant mothers, select a pregnancy safe toner to use after cleansing. A toner that’s safe for pregnancy will be toxin-free and made with organic ingredients to ensure the best for you and baby. A great toner for pregnancy acne will give you a few benefits: first, it helps remove dirt and makeup residue that your cleanser doesn’t always catch. Secondly, a pregnancy safe toner like The Spoiled Mama’s BalanC can help restore skin’s pH balance, which helps combat dryness and sensitivity (a crucial reason why we prefer a gentle pregnancy body wash over traditional bar soaps!). Third, a well-formulated toner will introduce antioxidants and vitamins back into your skin. For example, a pregnancy safe acne toner can actually help with blemishes by loading skin with essential oils, vitamins and clarifying ingredients.

Once toner is dry, pamper your newly toned face with a pregnancy serum and moisturizer. If necessary, follow with SPF 30+. And voila -- you’re on your way to perfect, glowing skin!