Kate Middleton's Preps for Baby #3 | Skip spray tans during pregnancy

Kate Middleton's Preps for Baby #3 | Skip spray tans during pregnancy
While the Royal Baby Watch isn't feverish Stateside, we at The Spoiled Mama HQ can't get over how amazing Kate Middleton looks throughout her pregnancies. I could write a whole post on the Duchess' impeccable hat game, but instead we're gonna focus on one of Kate's pregnancy skin care tips that all moms should heed: pass on the spray tan! In preparation for Royal Baby #3, Duchess Catherine has reportedly stopped spray tanning during pregnancy over health concerns connected to the procedure. kate-middleton-pregnancy Kate Middleton embraces a paler look for the arrival of baby #2, but she still GLOWS! The second Royal Baby is expected to arrive mid-late April.[/caption]  Dihydroxyacetone ( DHA for short) is a chemical found in all spray tanning products that can penetrate the skin, damage cells and increase cancer risks. While the research is not conclusive that DHA is harmful to pregnant women, we always suggest erring on the side of caution -- you're carrying precious cargo in there! The good news? A healthy pregnancy glow is all you need to radiate while you're expecting! Skin not in tip-top condition? Our toxin-free pregnancy skincare helps regulate troubled, stressed skin, and a bronzer does wonders for giving you a sun-kissed look!

What beauty sacrifices have you made during your pregnancy? Share below!


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