Gotta have it pregnancy gifts for Her: Holiday 2015

Top Pregnancy Gifts for Her Holiday, pregnancy gifts for Her
It's hard to believe, but the holidays are right around the corner! For those who are preggo or have a pregnant mom in their lives, finding the perfect gift can be challenging. 

While there are a ton of Christmas gift guides out there, here is a list of our most coveted gifts for the expectant mom.


Every pregnant mom needs extra support in her mid-section during those nine months, and even beyond. That's why we love Bao Bei Maternity's amazing waistband, which gives Mama extra support as she works out or go about her daily activities. Perfect for postpartum bellies and C-section recovery.


For a unique and sentimental gift, this bespoke sound wave print tops our Christmas gift lists. Based out of Nottingham, UK, Newton and The Apple takes custom sound waves and makes beautiful art prints from them. For the pregnant mom, you can send in a recording of your baby's heart beat to recreate the gorgeous, modern piece above. Printed on archival paper with a textured matte finish, this art piece is the perfect hanging for a baby's room.

Pickles are the *classic* pregnancy craving, and if this is hers, a case of McClure's Pickles will leave her grinning from ear to ear. These artisan pickles come a dozen to a case, and you can pick from their delish flavors like garlic dill and spicy & sweet.

What every Mama wants? Some precious "me-time"! Give her the gift of much needed R&R with some pampering. We love the idea of a spa certificate or pregnancy skin care that she can use to treat her baby bump, swollen feet and ankles or morning sickness. Our online store offers easy gifting bundles that feature our bestselling Tummy Butter & Bump Gloss to prevent stretch marks -- all toxin-free for Mama and baby, obviously.


Finding a comfortable sleeping position during pregnancy is tough -- but not entirely impossible. With the Snoogle, known as "the mother of all pregnancy pillows," restful sleep is just a snuggle away. Shaped like a giant horseshoe, this maternity pillow allows for effective back and belly support through the night.


For tech-y parents, Bellybuds are an entertaining and fun gift. These headphones adhere comfortably to Mama's belly and allows parents to "talk" to their baby, who begins hearing at 20 weeks and forming memories at 30. You can record your own voice, stories or play your baby The Clash's greatest hits. Skeptical? Read the amazing Amazon reviews.  


When you look good, you feel good. If your expectant Mama has already given into 24/7 sweatpants and her hubby's shirts, she'll appreciate a gift card to a local or online maternity clothing store. We have a soft spot for Fourth Love, a NYC-based pregnancy line that offers cute, flattering 'fits for the modern mom.

Which of these gifts make your "most wanted" list? Any hot items we missed? Share your thoughts below!

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