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Best body ever: 5 Postpartum skincare resolutions

Best body ever: 5 Postpartum skincare resolutions
Last week, we went over 5 pregnancy skincare resolutions for a happier, healthier New Year. However, this week we're delving into postpartum skin care for new Mamas dealing with skin problems after pregnancy. Trust us, we know the struggle is real! Check out this amazing mama below: @alexandrabrea_

Here are five postpartum skin care & beauty resolutions for you in the new year:

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Be realistic about your new body. 

Many first-time Moms overestimate how easy it will be to get their bodies back to "normal." However, a healthy postpartum recovery should be slow and unforced.

For example, it may take 6-8 weeks for your uterus to return to its pre-pregnancy size, meaning you may be stuck with a round Buddha belly much longer than you expected. Additionally, the U.S. National Library of Medicine (NIH) says mothers should plan to return to your former weight 6-12 months after delivery.

During this period, focus on a steady, healthy recovery.  Do NOT skip meals, go on crash diets or exercise too soon. Consult with your doctor on a healthy diet and exercise plan designed around your personal needs, especially if you are breastfeeding.

Make "me-time."

Many women believe being a good Mom means playing the self-sacrificial lamb to her kids and partner -- this isn't so! Being a "good" mom isn't a contest, and you'll burn out quickly if you're always giving 110% of yourself to others.

Especially after delivery, we strongly encourage moms to accept the help of others, delegate tasks (Chinese delivery, anyone?) and set aside personal time to do the things you enjoy. Spend time with girlfriends, catch up on last season's "The Affair" (so good!), or just go get a mani/pedi done -- you deserve it.

Get proactive with your stretchies. 

If you're one of the lucky Mamas who made it through the nine months without pregnancy stretch marks, count your blessings! However, don't get too comfy yet. Stretch marks occur during rapid weight gain or weight loss, which means new moms are fertile grounds for postpartum stretch marks.

To prevent stretch marks after birth, lose weight at a steady pace and introduce elasticity to your belly with a Tummy Butter for stretch marks or pregnancy stretch mark oil.

For moms who have new stretchies that are purple/red and raised in texture, begin treatment NOW! We recommend spot treating with stretch marks removal serum like The Spoiled Mama's Remodel, which is made with a fine molecular structure to penetrate skin and encourage cell turnover.

Follow up with an allover treatment of belly butter to help diminish the look of scarring and repair damaged skin.

Commit yourself to a healthy diet. 

This is especially true for breastfeeding mothers, as everything you consume will be reflected in your breast milk. However, for those who aren't nursing, committing yourself to a healthy, well-round diet will improve your energy and help make your skin flawless. To make sure you're eating healthy, consider meal planning -- it's a great way to save on time and alleviate the stress from cooking!

Show your postpartum stomach some love.  

For Mamas who deliver via C-sections, expect  a longer physical recovery than those who deliver vaginally.

During the 4-6 weeks following birth, be extra careful as you recover from the surgery (no heavy lifting or exhaustive exercise!). We highly recommend getting a belly band to wrap your midsection, since it gives support while reducing the swelling of your uterus.

To help reduce the size and appearance of your C-section scar, apply belly butter stretch mark removal to abdomen up to two times a day. Enriched with tamanu oil and sea buckthorn oil, the cream helps treat damaged skin and promote healthy skin cells for a beautiful belly!

Which of these skin care resolutions will you be taking on? Is there anything we missed? Share below!

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