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5 Pregnancy Safe Massage Techniques

Pregnancy Safe Massage Techniques

Last week we talked about DIY pregnancy belly masks and the importance of belly hydration.

But what’s the deal with pregnancy safe massage?

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You may have asked yourself is it safe to get a massage during the first trimester? Or can I get a calf massage during pregnancy? And with so many different types of massage out there, what are the best pregnancy safe massage techniques? Don’t sweat it, Mama. We’ve got all those answers & more!

Psst… you don’t need to break the bank to feel relief. We’ve come up with a list of different pregnancy safe massage techniques that you can do from the comfort of your own home.

At Home Pregnancy Safe Massage Techniques

  • Head and Scalp massage: Moving from the nape to the hairline, have your partner use both hands and spread fingers to apply gentle pressure to the scalp, circling hands together or apart. Add gentle stroking of the face. (honestly, my favorite part).
  • Shoulder massage: With the base of the hand or the pads of the fingertips, have your partner apply gentle pressure on one side of the neck and glide between the top of the shoulder and the base of your skull. Repeat on the opposite side.
  • Back massage: Sitting up or lying on your side (don’t worry you’ll be able to lie on your belly soon enough!), have your partner use both hands to stroke up and down the back, using a pregnancy-safe lotion to help their hands glide. Focusing on the muscles on either side of the spine and transitioning to kneading the muscles with their thumbs or base of the hand, moving up and down. 
  • Belly rub: No need to massage, Mama! Just have your partner gently rub it with a lavender-scented vitamin E oil for an ultra-soothing effect that can also help fade &  prevent stretch marks. 
  • Gentle foot rub: Using a pregnancy-safe cooling aloe gel, have your partner start by gently rubbing the top of your foot, working from the toes towards the ankle, and making small circles around the ankle. Then, have them use both thumbs to make small circles on the sole of the foot right beneath the toes.
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There is a lot of information regarding massage in the first trimester and throughout your pregnancy. Research has shown that it is totally safe, but with certain modifications. For example, it is suggested by health care professions to be extremely gentle when receiving a calf massage during pregnancy. It is important to contact your doctor prior to getting an at-home husband pregnancy massage or scheduling a professional massage. There are so many benefits to pregnancy massage including back pain relief, decreased swelling, reduced stress, improved sleep, and the list goes on. Not to mention this is a great way to connect with your partner and spend time together before your little one arrives. Looking for more at-home pregnancy-safe massage techniques? Check out our How to: Sugar scrub pregnancy massage blog!


Have more pregnancy safe massage techniques? Let us know in the comments!

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