Pregnancy nesting: Is it a real thing?

Pregnancy nesting: Is it a real thing?

It's officially spring time. Birds are chirping. Flowers are blooming. And if you're getting the urge to purge your're not the only one.

But if you're currently expecting, you may wonder: Is this just spring cleaning in the air, or is that whole thing about "nesting" true? This week, we're debunking (or validating) the story behind the pregnancy nesting instinct. Read on!


What is pregnancy nesting?

According to old wives' tales, expectant mothers reach the nesting stage of pregnancy in the latter third trimester. This may include cleaning the house, reorganizing your freezer, buying new baby clothes or (for modern moms) going on a Pinterest frenzy, and pinning images for your child's nursery. The term "nest" refers to a bird's nest, as you can often find Mama birdies prepping for birth by creating a cozy, comfy nest for their young ones.

Is nesting a real thing humans do?

Sure! Turns out we have one more thing in common with our furry friends. According to science, an increase in adrenaline at the end of your pregnancy can rev up your instinct to nurture and prep for your child.

The extra burst of energy can be invigorating for many, so take advantage of it! However, since the nesting instinct usually hits late in your third trimester, be careful not to tackle projects that are too strenuous (put down the hammer, Mama. Step away from the wood sander) Here are some low-key "nesting" activities you may want to do:

  • stock your kitchen pantry
  • reorganize your furniture
  • deep clean
  • purchase baby clothes
  • pack your hospital delivery bag
  • purge your closet of old clothing, expired makeup and skin care, and outdated accessories

Whatever you do, make a point to take frequent breaks, ask for help when needed, or even relax with your favorite pregnancy skin's all about balance!

But I never got the urge to nest. Is something wrong with me?

Yes. You should probably call your doctor right now. No, no, we kid. The nesting bug doesn't bite everyone, but you shouldn't worry. It has no bearing on your abilities to parent or nurture your child in the future.

Have you experienced "pregnancy nesting"? What activities did you do to prep for your baby? Share your experience below!

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