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7 Last Minute Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

7 Last Minute Pregnant Halloween Costume Ideas

It’s the most spooktacular time of the year, Mamas! So let’s get wicked & haunt it if you got it!. You may have found yourself going batty trying to think of what to wear for Halloween this year. Don’t worry Mama, we’ve done it again and came up with a list of easy last minute pregnant Halloween costume ideas. Whether you want to take it back to childhood and create a pregnant kool aid costume or you just can’t wait for Christmas and opt for the Grinch pregnancy costume, we’ve got those & so much more!


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The Grinch pregnancy costume & other last minute pregnant Halloween costume ideas!


Prep (Before you trick, you must treat yo’ self):

  1. Wash your bump using a pregnancy-safe body wash.
  2. Use exfoliating gloves and a gentle sugar scrub to exfoliate your belly and remove any dead skin cells.
  3. After you’ve finished showering or bathing pat your bump dry.
  4. Apply your favorite toxin-free belly oil and top with Tummy Butter.
  5. Now you look like a Hallow-queen!


1. Ali Wong


ic:pregnant woman dressed up as Ali Wong for halloween

Coming in at number one is this Ali Wong-inspired costume. If you’ve ever watch Ali’s standup you know that she is a whole #pregnancymood. Her hilarious stand-up has inspired tons of other Mamas to dress up as her for Halloween. Snag a cheetah print dress, some red glasses, and style your hair in a half-up top knot. You’ll be having all your friends cracking up at this year’s Halloween festivities in no time! 


2. Pregnant Kool Aid Costume

ic:DIY pregnant kool aid halloween costume



Love to party crash? A pregnant kool aid costume might just be for you, Mama! All you’ll need is a red t-shirt, black paint, and a cardboard brick wall. This costume is so fun and is a hilarious way to showcase your bump! It will have you saying “OHHHH YEAHHHH” all night long.

3. Shark Bait

ic:halloween costume for breastfeeding mother 


This one may not be technically a maternity costume, but it definitely deserves an honorable mention. We love this baby shark costume paired with the “shark bite” victim. If you’ve ever breastfed, we know you can totally relate. We like to think of it as “love at first bite”. All you’ll need is a white top of your choosing and some red paint. “Alexa, play baby shark!”



 4. Troll Doll


ic:pregnant woman halloween costume dressed up as a troll doll


Who wasn’t obsessed with Troll Dolls when they were little?! All you’ll need to create this blast from the past costume is a unitard, a few jewels or some sequence, and a colorful wig. Don’t feel like buying a wig? Well if you’re like me and haven’t washed your hair since last week..You can tease your hair and until it’s sticking straight up and spray a colorful hair spray on to hold your hair in place. There you have it, Mama! You’re a Troll!


5. Wilson From Castaway


ic:pregnant halloween costume dressed up as wilson from castaway


Wiiiiiillllllsssssoooonnnnn!!! This is one of our favorite last minute pregnant Halloween costume ideas. It only takes minutes to make. Grab a white t-shirt, some red paint, and a pair of black leggings. Need a costume idea for your partner? Have them dress up as Chuck Noland. Everyone will be jealous they didn’t think of this Castaway-inspired costume first!


6. Sunny-Side-Up Egg

ic:sunny side up egg maternity halloween costume 


Feeling scrambled about what to wear this Halloween? Well, we are egg-static to share this delicious costume with you! Go as a sunny-side-up egg, Mama. Trust us, you will not regret it. Pick up some white and yellow construction paper at your local craft store. Using the white paper, cut out a large circle (large enough to cover your torso) with a “bump-sized” hole. Next, using the yellow paper, cut out a circle to cover the hole in the white paper. Pair with an all-white outfit and you’ll look eggs-actly like a sunny-side-up egg.


7. The Grinch Pregnancy Costume


ic:the grinch pregnancy halloween costume


Does the thought of having to pick out a costume make you feel well, grinchy? Or are you looking at all the other costumes out there and thinking "Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, hate. Double hate. Loathe entirely." Then you’re either the Grinch or you’re a pregnant mama who needs to dress up like him. The Grinch pregnancy costume is the “mean one” you’ve been waiting for. To recreate this look, you’ll need a green unitard (or an all-green outfit), some face paint, and a Santa hat!


We hope this list of last minute pregnant Halloween costume ideas has you feeling inspired, Mama. Whether you choose the Grinch pregnancy costume or the pregnant kool aid costume just remember to have fun with it. After all, ghouls just wanna have fun right? You can also check out our list of DIY Pregnant Pumpkin Belly & Other Easy Halloween Costumes here! And if all else can always dress up like me, an exhausted pregnant woman who just wants to stay home and eat my kids’ candy.

Have another last minute pregnant Halloween costume idea? We are dying to hear, Mama! Share it with us in the comments!

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