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C-Section Scar Treatment & Recovery Skincare

ic:C-Section Scar Treatment & Recovery Skincare

Here's everything you need to know about C-sections and your postpartum skin. Get ready because once you get the thumbs up from your doctor that your wound has closed, your C-section scar treatment may begin.

Many Mamas preparing for Caesarean sections often wonder: 'But Doc, will I have a C-section scar forever?'

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Here's everything you need to know about C-section scar treatment & recovery skincare:

Every year, approximately 1/3 of pregnant women in America deliver via Caesarean section. In fact, it's the most common operation in U.S. hospitals. If you want an overview, here's one of my favorite articles on what to expect with C-sections.


How big will my C-section scar be? 

Most Mamas imagine the worst; however, incisions are surprisingly small. A majority of cuts are four to six inches, running parallel below the bikini line. With this incision, many Mamas find they can cover their scar even in a skimpy bikini! In rare cases, doctors will do a vertical incision below the belly button -- but again, that's in emergencies only.

What will my C-section scar look like? 

Like most wounds, the healing process for a C-section will be the same. At first, the incision will likely ooze a small amount of clear fluid discharge, and -- like pregnancy stretch marks -- be raised and red or purple in color. As it heals, itchiness, sensitivity, and soreness are common. After several months, the wound will shrink and fade to a flat, silvery scar.

Can I make my C-section scar heal more quickly?

Yes, Mama! Once you get the "go" from your doctor that your c-section is closed, you can begin treating your scar. Most women use a combo of vitamin E and cocoa butter, while others head straight for the Mederma. For me, I continued using Tummy Butter, our cocoa butter for stretch marks and Caesarean scars. And Remodel Stretch Mark Serum.

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Unlike Mederma or Palmers, Tummy Butter also helps subside the insane itching that can accompany your healing process. Tummy Butter also contains an amazing super ingredient: tamanu oil, which has been used for ages to treat scrapes, cuts and accelerate wound healing

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To expedite healing, treat your wound before it has completely scarred. While it's in its pink-purple stage, massage the surface twice a day with Tummy Butter for a few minutes. This increases blood circulation and helps the scar remain pliable. Meanwhile, Tummy Butter's vitamin E and cocoa butter moisturizes dry skin by penetrating the skin's deepest layers.

ic:Tamanu oil has been been used on scrapes, cuts and scars for centuries. Not only does it relieve sharp pain, it's antimicrobial and helps healthy skin regeneration.

Tamanu oil has been used on scrapes, cuts, and scars for centuries. Not only does it relieve sharp pain, it's antimicrobial and helps healthy skin regeneration!


Have you had a C-section? How did your scar heal? Share your experiences below!


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