Pregnancy Tea

Different Hot Beverages That Help You During Pregnancy

Different Hot Beverages That Help You During Pregnancy

Tea is one of the oldest hot beverages that is being used by humans. The ritual of making tea is thousands of years old and it has many beneficial properties to it as well. It is good for your heart and increases the number of antioxidants in your body which lower the risk of cancer. Drinking tea during pregnancy holds many properties. Some of them are good for yourself and some are bad. 

There are some special teas which are named as pregnancy tea. These teas are specially used by pregnant women to deal with different skin problems as well as they boost their immune system as well. It will ease your morning sickness and help you during labor as well. 

Pregnancy tea

Different teas that are good for you

  • Herbal tea
  • Herbal tea is one of the best resources to hydrate your body during pregnancy. As plain water seems boring to pregnant women they need some extra taste with their drinks. So, you can make a habit of herbal tea to hydrate your skin as you are drinking for two now. It will give you different nutrients that you require during pregnancy like calcium, iron, and magnesium.

  • Rooibos Tea
  • This is another good type of tea that produces antioxidants in your body. It has zero caffeine in it. You can give it an extra taste by adding ginger and mint in it. It will help you to tone the uterine muscles during pregnancy which will help you during labor. 

  • Nettle Leaf Tea
  • This is one of the most common ingredients that is found especially in prescription tea for pregnant ladies. All dietitians and herbalists recommend Nettle leaf tea during pregnancy. You will be able to increase the vitamins and minerals of your body. You will get Vitamin A, C, and K through it and also Iron. One important fact to know is that you just have to use dried leaves, not roots of Nettle. This tea is best for pregnant women during the second and third trimester. You can make it by using an ounce of Nettle leaf.

    pregnancy tea

    Teas that you should avoid during pregnancy

    All those teas that contain any kind of Caffeine in them are not good for you during the time of pregnancy. Pregnancy can make you crave different things and if you have taste buds for caffeine than there are great chances that you will crave caffeine as well. But no matter how intense the craving is you should not drink any tea that contains caffeine. This will dehydrate your body which can put a negative impact on you and your baby. There are many Teas that contain caffeine that you should avoid like black cohosh herb tea, blue cohosh, and Dong Quai.

    So, these are some of the pregnancy teas and their properties on your body during pregnancy.

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