Early Pregnancy Fashion: How to Dress for That Tricky First Trimester


It’s springtime, which means the weather is warmer and it's time for the layers come off. But if you’re recently pregnant (congrats, BTW!), it’s a little trickier than breaking out the sundresses and shorts. If you’re later in your first trimester, it’s probably becoming increasingly hard to hide that belly bump. And why should you? Here are some pregnancy fashion tips for that tricky first trimester.

Enjoy Heels While You Can

Before you have to begrudgingly put away those heels, enjoy them while you can. If you’re shoe obsessed - who isn’t, really? - use them to anchor your outfit. Start from the ground up and plan your outfit accordingly. And if you refuse to give up your heels past the second trimester (we wouldn’t either), our Happy Legs Gel will help keep those puppies heel-ready well into the third trimester.

Load Up on Accessories

Now is not the time to skimp on accessories. Accessories can help with the in-between, early pregnancy phase by accenting or distracting. Accessorize with a scarf in a fun print or a statement necklace. Even adding a pair of bright earrings can do the trick. But don’t forget about your best accessory - that belly bump! 

Opposites Attract

Since your life is now totally unbalanced, why not add some structure to your wardrobe? If you’re a loose shirt type of gal, try pairing one with a fitted blazer. Or if you’re into fitted things, try adding an oversized cardigan for some balance.

Go for Color

Don’t be afraid to get colorful. Being pregnant gives you a great excuse to try things you otherwise wouldn’t. If your whole closet is filled with neutrals, why not trying adding some colorful tops or dresses? Or if you’re feeling really adventurous, go for some bright pants or skirts.

Just Do YOU

In the end, it’s your body and it’s your pregnancy - so just do you! Wear whatever the heck you want. Wanna wear a crop top? Go for it. Hey, we applaud it. It can be hard during those first few months - when all you want to do is lay around in a shapeless sack - but don’t suppress that style, girl! Own that pregnancy like the #boss you are.


Don't let that tricky first trimester put a damper on your style! Let your pregnancy style shine by incorporating some of these tips into your wardrobe. 

Something not so fun about the first trimester? Morning sickness. Keep it in check with The Spoiled Mama's Happy Morning Tea to help kick morning sickness' butt. Wondering what else to expect? Check out our pregnancy checklist here


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