A Pregnant Mom's Summer Survival Kit

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With the days growing longer and warmer, it's a sure sign that summer is making its way around once again. But for pregnant moms, it can be hard to ride the wave of summer joy. After all, your legs and ankles are swollen. You can't see your feet. And carrying the groceries from the car to the front door feels like you've just accomplished a 10K marathon! Well have no fear, Spoiled Mamas. I am here to tell you that you can still feel fresh and fab while preggo and in 95-degree heat! Here are some of my fave tips:

1) Maxi skirts and dresses are your friends. I am all about ankle skimming skirts and dresses this season. Why? Because they are so flippin' comfy and easy to wear! Casual enough for everyday wear, they are lightweight and usually come with a bit of stretch. Pair with a comfy pair of strappy sandals and no one has to know you haven't shaved your legs in three weeks! I love this 'Lara' Stripe Maternity Dress.


The perfect maternity dress because it accents your beautiful belly, thin stripes, and a bateau neckline add preppy-chic style to a stretch-jersey maternity dress with three-quarter sleeves.


2) Pick up a convertible tote. This Multi-Tassel Tote is under $40 online and will be your greatest asset this summer. Made with doubled shoulder straps, Magnetic-snap closure at top, Four multicolored, faux-leather fringed tassels and a Lined interior, with zippered pocket. It is sturdy enough to carry all your personals as you run from work to doctor's appointments and baby showers. 

3) Feel great from the inside out. Pregnant women must drink a lot of water to keep hydrated, especially if you are battling warm weather or doing any type of physical activity. Keep a big bottle of water handy always.

4) Take care of your skin. No matter how great you feel, swollen limbs will dampen your spirits. And so will catching sight of your first stretch marks. Help fight swollen legs and ankles from pregnancy by increasing blood circulation with our organic aloe leg gel from The Spoiled Mama. Plus, the cucumber is packed with vitamins A and C, so they're the perfect calming agent for your skin. To prevent stretch marks, Tummy Butter is still our #1 customer fave. Not only will the orange citrus smell be refreshing on hot days, the nourishing cocoa butter will help hydrate dry summer skin and help reduce the appearance of new stretch marks.

5) Go for pregnancy safe deodorant. Feel fresh and confident by picking up an organic deodorant like Nature's Gate's Organic Roll On in Aloe Herbal.

6) And lastly, spoil yourself...duh! As little time as you may think you have, there is always time to take a breather and do things that make you feel great. Whether it's picking up a new bracelet that makes you smile, doing a mani/pedi with your girlfriend or giving yourself an at-home spa treatment...you know how to make you feel best! 

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