Fan Q&A: What is the best cream to fade stretch marks?

Fan Q&A: What is the best cream to fade stretch marks?

Recently, we had a sit down with a few mamas and they had some good questions about pregnancy skincare, so I wanted to address one of the most popular topics: 

before and after stretch mark lotion cream

How to lose stretch marks once they're already there. And what is the best cream to help fade stretch marks?

Here's a Facebook question from a Mama we met:

"I am six weeks postpartum and as a woman of color my stomach is still very dark in appearance. I know its something many darker woman are ashamed to show, but perfect for showing a transformation! The actual marks are deep tears I would say and quite a few shades lighter than the area around. How do I get rid of these pregnancy stretch marks and what is the best cream to fade stretch marks?"

Answer: Congrats on your new baby! This is the perfect time to begin tackling those new stretch marks -- once they heal and become silvery scars, it's almost impossible to alter their appearance without invasive and expensive laser surgery. However, since you're only six weeks postpartum, this is a fantastic time to begin making real changes in their final appearance!

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 Since your stretch marks are already formed, we recommend using our Remodel Serum for stretch marks and Tummy Butter from our collection of toxin-free pregnancy stretch mark solutions. These will both help fade old stretch marks and new ones.  1) On clean, dry skin apply Remodel stretch mark serum as a spot treatment over stretch marks. Apply with a gentle patting motion and allow serum to be fully absorbed before putting on clothes or moving to next step. 2) Apply Tummy Butter liberally over regions where stretch marks exist. Allow to dry. Repeat once or twice a day. Since our belly butter is a rich cocoa butter with a blend of nourishing oils, it may take a little longer (10-15 minutes) for the butter to dry.

Personally, I love the duo Remodel Stretch Mark Serum  + Tummy Butter treatment at night when I have more time to relax, and the Remodel spot treatment in the mornings when I'm a little more rushed. It should be noted that we strongly recommend staying out of the sun and/or tanning beds until your stretch marks heal completely. (And don't forget our tips on how to prevent stretch marks in the first place!) As always, our pregnancy skincare is toxin-free and made with organic ingredients, which means it's safe for expecting and postpartum Mamas!

Any maternity skincare questions for us? Looking for the best belly cream for pregnancy? Follow us on our Facebook pageInstagram or leave a comment below!


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