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Mother’s Day Gift Guide for New & Expecting Mama's

mother's day gift ideas for pregnant mom
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Mother's Day is May 12th! That means it’s time to hunt down the perfect gift for the Mamas in your life! Whether it’s for your own mom, wife, or even just a special mama-to-be, we’ve got your back! And you can’t forget about yourself, “treat yo’ self” this Mother’s Day!

You deserve to be Spoiled too. Let’s be honest, there are so many different options out there. But what are the perfect gifts for pregnant moms that are not only pregnancy safe but will also make them feel like the powerful women they are? We’ve done all the heavy lifting on this one and come up with a list of luxurious first-trimester gift ideas, second-trimester gift ideas, and third-trimester pregnancy gift ideas that will have her feeling like a queen in every trimester! And if you’re a Mama reading this right now, Happy early Mother’s Day! 

First-trimester Pregnancy Gift Set

We’ve bundled together the perfect Mother's Day gift set for you and other soon-to-be moms in the first trimester. The first trimester can come with lots of surprises, some being more welcomed than others. You may have that gorgeous pregnancy glow and/or that horrible morning sickness. Our New Mom Gift Set for 1st Trimester is here to help every Mama. This gift set is a combination of our stretch mark preventing Tummy Butter and our Happy Mornings Tea for nausea. This must-have gift set will have you fighting those unwanted 1st trimester surprises in no-time. Don't worry, of course the gift bundle comes with a tea-ball strainer! One less thing for you to worry about, Mama!

We also know how annoying those pesky blemishes can be, that is why we created a pregnancy-safe Acne Treatment Kit. Kiss that gnarly hormonal acne, GOODBYE!

Second-trimester Pregnancy Gift Set

Some people say the best gifts come in little blue boxes, but the mamas we Spoil have spoken and they say the best gifts come in our bags! A woman never leaves home without her bag filled with everything she needs for the day so why not give her just that?

You and every new mom know there is no time for nonsense and have no business lugging around a box so we made Bump Box in a Bag. It comes with our best-selling Tummy Butter, Bump Gloss Stretch Mark Oil, exfoliating gloves, and a new stylish metallic cosmetic bag. Perfect for extra storage for travel, and can make the best addition to any mom's new purse. The best pregnancy Mother's Day Gift is specially made for any Mama in the second trimester.

Now when she says “Honey, grab my bag!” you’ll know exactly which one to get.

Third-trimester Pregnancy Gift Set                         

At this point, our Mamas are in the final stretch. This is a very special time for new moms because they are getting so much closer to meeting their little one. As special as this feeling can be the third trimester can start to feel less than luxurious for some moms.

During the third trimester, you might be experiencing swollen feet and ankles, dry dehydrated skin, and on top of all have to think about actually giving birth! Treat this Mama or yourself the gift of relief this Mother’s Day with a variety of Third Trimester Gifts. Our favorites are, Happy Legs Gel for tired cankles, Luxe-Mama Body Wash, and last but not least, Bottom of the 9th Labor Prep Tea. Make sure that special Mama in your life feels Spoiled and loved this Mother's Day!


We know how hard it can be to take the time to pamper yourself as a new mom. And wattling to a spa can be the last thing on your mind. So what’s a Mama to do? Bring the spa to you or any expecting Mama! 

Here are our top gift sets for new and expecting moms this Mother's Day. And remember, no matter who you choose to Spoil this Mother’s Day take some time to pamper yourself too, Mama. Oh and don’t forget purchases $75+ get FREE SHIPPING! Happy Mother’s Day Mama, we love you!

New Mom Gift Set

Tummy Butter

Happy Mornings Tea

Acne Treatment Kit

Bump Box in a Bag

Happy Legs Soothing Leg Gel

Luxe-Mama Body Wash

Bottom of the 9th Labor Prep Tea


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